Vodafone Sim Only 5GB data, 500min, Unltd texts - Half price for six months £153

Vodafone Sim Only 5GB data, 500min, Unltd texts - Half price for six months £153

Found 7th Jan 2017
Had a look on Vodafone site as my sim only deal was coming to an end and they are doing six months 50% discount currently.

I was getting 2GB data, Unltd mins and texts for £17 per month, now it's 5GB of data, 500 mins and Unltd texts for £8.50 for six months then £17 for the next 6 months.

Maybe not the deal of the century but I don't get any mobile signal (on any network) at home so have had a VF Sure-Signal for the past 5 years which gives me 3G at home so I'm kind of stuck with Vodafone.

Having just bought a new phone with a better battery than my current phone, I can use MapMyDogWalk all the time, now I don't have to worry about running out of battery OR data.
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I phoned to cancel my Vodafone contract a while back and was given a 12 month (sim only) deal at £8.50 a month. This included, unlimited texts and calls and 4gb of data. On top of this the first 3 months were free and I got 3 months unlimited Internet. I can upgrade to a new phone (but with a new contract) at any time. I'm about 5 months into it....
If you're currently with Vodafone ring them up and tell them you are wanting to end your contract unless they can offer you something worth keeping you there. (money is tight).

You are looking for a retention deal. Which I was told can be upto 35% off a full contract.

I pay £30/M for what was roughly a £46/M deal. At the time I got a s6 edge 64 gb, 4gig of data, unlimited mins and text.

Heard people are getting unlimited mins text and loads of data for around the £10 Mark. Doesn't hurt to try.
My contract was taken around the time the 6 edge was released. (contracts up in aug).
Not they are any better but Three have an app that uses WiFi to give you calls and texts through the app, I used to use that at my dads, before I left them, as his flat is a dead zone for mobiles too
Took Vodafone contract through mobiles.co.uk:
Sim only 12 month for £10 a month, 20gb + 2gb eu + u/c + u/t + tethering... + £16 back from quidco.
Where is discounts on your deal?
^that deal isn't available anymore though
I pay £20 12 month contract get 20gb data unlimited texts and calls and Spotify!
^and that's not available now either.
All very well but time machines are expensive.
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