Vodafone SIM only upgrade deal with Unlimited minutes, texts, 1GB £10.25/m

Vodafone SIM only upgrade deal with Unlimited minutes, texts, 1GB £10.25/m

Found 6th Dec 2012
Current contract with Vodafone ends next month so planned to switch to Tesco mobile deal ( £10pm 500 mins 5000 texts 1GB data). Called Vodafone and asked for a PAC code as they only offered the same deal I had before ((£10.25 for 600mins, unlimted texts and 500MB data, used to be a hot deal from HUKD last time).

Then the next day, I remembered Tesco mobile run on the O2 network, and the O2 network in the place where I live is not very good (the wife uses o2 network and user experience is not great, sometimes, call drops in the middle and no signal). Vodafone signal is a bit better in 2G mode when comparing with o2, like, average -80dBm versus -93dBm on the first floor and it can be even lower when in ground floor or when using 3G network mode.

Taking signal strength into account, I decided to stick with Vodafone and called them again the next day to ask if I could still have the same deal I was offered before. The guy said yes and I asked if I could have another contract for my wife (her contract also was ending soon and with o2). He said you could have (300 min unlimted texts 250MB) for £8pm or Unlimted mins, texts and 1GB data for £10.25. I said "what! I would take that and can I change mine to this one as well?" The guy said sure, its just that you asked for the period deal. Even better, its unlimited data for the first three months and it comes back to 1GB there after.

So in the end I was very happy to take two of these contracts.

I think this might be useful to someone whose contract is ending soon (within 75 days) and with Vodafone. Just give them a call to the CS and select the option to upgrade and ask if you can get this deal.

12-month plan
Unlimited UK minutes for calls to mobiles and landlines (starting 01, 02, 03)
Unlimited standard UK texts
1 GB of UK internet (First three months unlimited data test drive)
750 MB of UK Wi-Fi access
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Is this really not a good deal (being -25° )? Bother to drop a line pls?
is this deal £10.25 for 3 months then £20.50 for the rest?

is this deal £10.25 for 3 months then £20.50 for the rest?

No, it is £10.25pm for the whole 12 months.
Hey Deals, Heat to you, as I think it's a good post, cos my Vodafone Plan is £36 for 300mins/5000txts/500data (albeit on a 12 month contract ending soon). Thanks for the info. Cheers, dood.
CRAP Deal and you have a bad attitude

No, it is £10.25pm for the whole 12 months.

CRAP Deal and you have a bad attitude
Make sure you have it in writing. ie confirmation by email. Their customer service advisors are lying toe rags. They still owe me £100 for charging me for data over 4 months when they promised me it was 500MB for the month!

CRAP Deal and you have a bad attitude

So you have a better deal that this then? bad attitude??? What's that mean?
what you meen
looks ok imo
can't believe that they gave you that deal, I asked for a PAC code last week and the best they could offer is 900 mins for £20 per month, 1GB internet (not sure about texts, but I hardly ever text, prefer to call)
Voted hot, but not sure if your just trying to get a hot deal.
I was offered this for both my children as sim only deals.
This deal is hot. I pay £15.50pm for 300 mins, unlimited texts and 250mb data. Not sure when my deal ending (but was a quidco deal where I got £110 cashback for sim only!)
You can upgrade within the 75 days of the ending of your contract. I myself really like this deal as I no longer need to check how many minutes left from the allowance each month.
I would have though this could be quite an attractive deal for people who can upgrade, but the actual fact doesn't seem like it by the look of how cold it is. Never mind. Even if you are not current with Vodafone, I think there is no harm to give them a call to ask if you can have this deal. I think they are trying to push out this plan.
Would not deal with such a Tax dodging company.
Sounds awesome.
Both mine and the wifes contract are due so I think i'll see if we can both get this for ourselves.

Will ring them later and see how I get on!
Received confirmation email about the 50% off discount and the contract details email from Vodafone.
Just found out that there were 23 people voted this hot but still having -35C which means more people voted it cold.
£10.25pm for unlimited minutes, texts and 1GB of data (for the first three months you get unlimited data as well).
Can you really get much better deal than this for just over a tenner?
It's cold. . Let it go. Lol
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