Vodafone Store eBay buy 1 get 1 Free
Vodafone Store eBay buy 1 get 1 Free

Vodafone Store eBay buy 1 get 1 Free

I was doing some shopping on eBay on their daily deals page today and stumbled across this amazing deal Buy 1 get 1 Free across all categories on Vodafone eBay (action cameras, speakers, headphones and loads more!!!!) perfect for Christmas shopping and I can see I will be saving quite a lot of money!!


All seems very expensive

Inflated prices!! Can't really see a bargain on here


All seems very expensive

​of course it is. they would never give you anything for free so they double the price hoping people fall for an offer.

probably posted by Vodafone. prices are ridiculous. £35 for a plain rubber iphone case which can be had for 2-3 quid

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I've just been checking prices online and they are all at RRP nothing higher!

scandal. most of these items such as hive 2 and Bluetooth speakers were less than half of the price they are at now on the promotion.

all the stores do this now, good thing we have hukd and it's community to keep us better informed

Not a deal then

kitsound pixel Dab radio is still £9.99 but this offer doesn't seem to work. all I can see is 10℅ off for buying 2.

Most seem expensive but two apple lightning cables for about £12 - that's looks reasonable?

Most of the cheap one I get for my wife have all stopped working- I'm guessing that these will be better?

Shockingly bad.

8gb usb memory stick. £33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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