Vodafone: Up to 1200mins, 3000 texts, unlimited landline calls, 500MB/1GB data - 12 months: £25pcm (also £120 quidco)
Vodafone: Up to 1200mins, 3000 texts, unlimited landline calls, 500MB/1GB data - 12 months: £25pcm (also £120 quidco)

Vodafone: Up to 1200mins, 3000 texts, unlimited landline calls, 500MB/1GB data - 12 months: £25pcm (also £120 quidco)

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Sim only tariff from Vodafone, currently giving £120 cashback on quidco, comparable to the o2 simplicity cashback deal that is currently running red hot - although on this one theres a possible £120 back instead of £100 on the o2 so for some people this might well work out better. (depending if vodas tariffs suit your useage better than o2)

You can also get £100 cashback on Vodafones £20 a month sim only tariffs and £70 a month on their £15 a month tariffs.

Some example deals:
£25 = SIM only - 1200 mins, 3000 texts, Unltd landline call, 500MB mobile data
would give £120 cashback so effectively £15 per month

£20 = iPhone Sim Only, 600 mins, 3000 texts, 1GB web and wi-fi
would give £100 cashback so effectively £11.66 per month


Vodafone have just changed their 'unlimited data' usage policy, so be very careful with this - it's now 500mb per month which is nothing if you have a smart phone. And it's an extra £5 per 500mb or part thereof if you go over... bit of a rubbish data deal compared with other operators.

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Hi, yes you do need to ensure that the data included in the tariff is enough to cover your intended purpose. There are some of the vodafone sim only tariffs I mentioned which bundle 1GB instead of 500Mb, which I personally would opt for over a few extra bundled mins just to be safe. This should really be enough for most people to not overrun on though I imagine - just checking emails, facebook, odd bit of youtube etc etc, especially alongside the unlimited wifi you get with the iphone tariff. So for most people with 'normal' usage this really shouldn't be too much of a concern

sorry to sound dumb but what can you do with 500mb of data?

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I will edit my post as it does say unlimited which is a mistake....

500mb of data is fine for light web usage (not downloading tons of stuff), like I said though I personally would opt for 1GB. This would be plenty for me (light daily use - emails, facebook, downloading a few apps). However maybe it might not be for others.

so 500mb would be fine for checking and sending email, facebook, hotukdeals etc?

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got me curious so have been googling. Apparently as a rough guide "Only 12% of iPhone users actually consumes over 500MB of data every month and 4% goes over a GB"

source (sorry i dont seem to be able to post full hyperlinks):

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wouldn't mind some justification from the cold voters? Is it just the data bundle that is putting people off because that really shouldn't be a concern to most

I've not voted but I guess it's the recent introduction of the new data limit and the back and forth argy bargy about it on bitterwallet... I'm sure it'll warm up a bit once everyone else floods in mind...

:thumbsup:this is red hot deal,

I am looking to go for this sim only contract but not sure how to go ahead. With the link for this deal it goes to Vodafone website and can't see given offer. Can you please help showing way to get the deals you have explained? Do i need to contact Vodafone personally or need to call them asking baout his?

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In order to get this deal what you need to do is sign up with a website called quidco. Once you have entered your details and registered search quidco for Vodafone and you will see the £120 cashback offer. Click the link and you will be forwarded to the vodafone site where you can proceed to order your SIM as you normally would. The way cashback works is Vodafone pay quidco an affiliate fee - ie a fee for advertising their services and wining them a customer. Rather than keep this fee however quidco pass it on to you, be aware this can take a couple of months and is not 100% guaranteed (however apparently its something like 99.6% reliable. Im registered with both quidco and topcashback (a similar site). I highly recommend doing so, I have saved a lot of money on various purchases - for example I got £150 cashback taking out a 12 month contract with Virgin Media .... worth putting up with their crappy customer service for haha

Deal is hot, voted hot

BUT...remember Vodafone and Quidco are con artists, search this forum.


Deal is hot, voted hotBUT...remember Vodafone and Quidco are con artists, … Deal is hot, voted hotBUT...remember Vodafone and Quidco are con artists, search this forum.

I totally agree about Vodafone, been a customer for 10 years but can't leave as it's the only signal I get at home, but Quidco? How are they con artists?

Would I get still get cash back if I upgrade to the sim only deal?

Is there a blackberry equiavlent?

Have just ordered the 900 mins, 3000 texts with 500mb of data which is £20 a month and will add the Blackberry bolt on for an extra £5/month once i receive it.
So yes and no depending on your point of view
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