Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 July 2023.
Posted 6 July 2023

Vodafone Upgrade 100GB 5G Data £16pm (Effective £7.67pm W/£99 Cashback) + £20 Amazon Gift Card £192 / £93 @ Mobiles.co.uk Via Giftcloud

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Nice. To see an amazon gift card for a change, £20 worth, terms below, make sure you keep up with the CB claims

Send your claim in line with the Cashback Claim Process below and we will credit you by cheque with £19.99 each time.

This will save you £99.95 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £7.67 per month.


Please read the terms and conditions below:

Terms & Conditions

  • Get a £20 Amazon voucher when purchasing a Vodafone Upgrade Sim with 100GB 5G data for £7.67pm from 05.07.2023 - 14.07.23 via this link only.
  • Reward vouchers are only available for online purchases.
  • This offer is only valid for new customers on products specified.
  • It will take up to 60 days after the original purchase date for your purchase to be verified as eligible for a voucher.
  • Mobiles.co.uk holds the right to withdraw this offer if we believe that the terms of the offer are being abused in any way.
  • Customers will receive their reward voucher once their line has been activated.
  • Customers who cancel their order will not be eligible for a reward voucher.
  • This offer may be withdrawn or amended at any time.
  • This Promotion cannot be combined with any other voucher, offer, discount or promotion code and may not be redeemed for cash. If this is used alongside another offer or discount you will not be eligible for the offer.
  • You will be sent instructions on how to choose your Reward 60 days after your purchase. You will have 90 days to claim your Reward by sending it to your email or mobile phone.
  • Only one Reward will be delivered per person.
  • Please check the redemption instructions and terms and conditions of your chosen Reward before making your choice.
  • Rewards should be treated like cash and kept securely. They cannot be replaced if lost or stolen
  • The transaction should be completed in one session to ensure the sale is tracked correctly. If before completing your transaction you click through to Mobiles.co.uk from another affiliate site or navigate away from the Mobiles.co.uk site, the sale may not track correctly and you will not qualify for the reward.
  • If you use adblocking software, a VPN, or have cookies disabled on your device, the sale may not track correctly and you will not qualify for the reward. If you are using the web browser Safari, your sale may not track. Please use an alternative web browser to complete your purchase.
  • If you have any questions or have not received your voucher 60 days after your purchase date, please contact uk-mobiles@awin.com

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The effective £7.67 pm is only until March 2024.

Be prepared for inflation busting price hike (CPI + 3.9%) from your April 2024 bill on the full price line rental , making the monthly effective line rental over likely £9 month)
Edited by MrSwitch, 6 July 2023
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  1. SRrr's avatar
    No roaming has ruined Vodafone for me.
    Waka69's avatar
    I'm still one of the lucky ones on the old contract that still has roaming
  2. Josh_Day's avatar
    I was a long time EE customer and then got a Lebara SIM for extra data. Lebara was great so I went for this deal a couple of months back thinking the service would be the same or better. So far, Vodafone really aren’t living up to my expectations or it’s reputation. My average 4G or 5G speeds are around 7Mbps, way less than on EE or Lebara.
    Not sure if this is coincidence or a warning to others.
    FizzyRascal's avatar
    thanks for the insight on this!
  3. Myriad's avatar
    You can just go through topcashback for the £20 cash, I ordered end of April and it was confirmed/paid out in mid June.

    Also unless you need esim/lots of data I really wouldn't bother these days with the numerous other alts available without manual cashback claiming, I only got it to keep my broadband together discount/veryme. (edited)
  4. Wakas's avatar
    I wouldn’t bother with Vodafone. Worst network ever!! You better off getting a lower data package with ee!
    xlc's avatar
    EE packages are more expensive than with Vodafone.
    My EE contract is due to end and their offer for Unlimited Data, speed caped at 100mpbs, for 12months is £30.
    With Vodafone I have my broadband and my wife's contract and their offer for a new sim 12 months unlimited max is £23.80.
    When I got the EE contract I got it because they had the phone I wanted at a decent price compared to others. The network was fine in the beginning but now they are getting worse for me. 3 bar 5G signal and barely getting 10-20mpbs.
    I use a lot of data (300+Gb per month) and what is looked to me is that they throttle the speed.
    Had a chat with someone from EE and said that yes, they do that but after using 600Gb a month.
    To me it looks like they do it a lot sooner.
    Can't wait to move my number back to Vodafone.
  5. villageidiotdan's avatar
    @hi0parag. The deal already references right to increase prices each year with a helpful link.

    Can you provide details of a mobile deal that doesn't have a right to increase and is this good value (I e the price increase isn't already baked in from the start)?
    whitman_the_cat's avatar
    All the mobile deals do have inflation plus nowadays. What I would draw out from the addition by @hi0parag is that it is the full line rental before cash back that gets the increase.

    I did post some usual FAQs to the upgrades last year: hotukdeals.com/dea…323
    Though there is one bit on the increases that is no longer correct (but might have been right for an earlier year but not for the 2023 increase). For my version of this deal from last year, I had CPI+3.9% on the discounted amount paid to Vodafone each month. That is the £16pm here (£15 from last year's deal) and not the standard line rental (£21 last year, not sure for this year).

    Suppose CPI next year is 6.1%, then CPI+3.9% is 10%. Then this deal would have a £1.60pm increase.

    That is over 20% when compared to the £7.67 effective rental.

    However, I don't see how you can quote an effective £9pm because you don't know what inflation will be next year. Furthermore, you can upgrade to another sim only 75 days early. Upgrade this now and you can upgrade again in early May 2024. That would only mean roughly one month of the inflated line rental. Though it rejigs the effective cost, it is still worth doing that.
  6. overworked's avatar
    Anyone know how many days/weeks before your current contract ends you can purchase an upgrade contract?
    Gelectric's avatar
    Think it's 75
  7. Boohoo28's avatar
    Vodafone wipe the floor with 02 with 4 & 5G speeds. Like night and day!
    dg83's avatar
    Depends on location... obviously.
  8. N1Andy's avatar
    I liked Vodafone, but have now moved to O2 just because of their position on roaming charges.....shame, as the network was top notch!
    srp111's avatar
    How is the o2 signal compared with Vodafone?
  9. simba2585's avatar
    Can't wait to ditch o2 and goto Vodafone again.
    dc7911's avatar
    I just ditched Sky and went back to Vodafone got 100gb for £10 direct with them
  10. BargainHunta96's avatar
    I was with Voda and was happy with the service. Switched to Three and although speeds are good, Vodafone is more consistent I feel. In my area I get 700-800mbps on 5G with Three. Would never get more than 200mbps with Vodafone but the 4G speeds trumps Three's 4G network. Tempted to switch back to Vodafone.
    Waka69's avatar
    True, 5g barely works and not in all areas yet. Three have invested well in 5g but the 4g is terrible
  11. Adi_N's avatar
    Go Lebara, screw vodafone
  12. TommySimpson's avatar
    I would love this deal, just a pity Vodafone don’t do free roaming
  13. sully01's avatar
    Good deal
  14. GsinghD's avatar
    Can you buy a pay as you and then upgrade to this deal.
    Sameeul99's avatar
    Did you manage to find out?
  15. fossman's avatar
    I have just upgraded one of my accounts to this, my Vodafone account is showing it is a Red 20gb tariff with an extra of 80gb data.

    When I go into the Vodafone app it only shows 20gb available. (edited)
    montecatini's avatar
    I've just done same, Plan shows it as Red 20gb & has 80gb as extra too.
    However mine is showing I have 100gb available left
  16. whitman_the_cat's avatar
    Great timing for me. My Black Friday 2021 deal of this type was upgraded in September last year and now ready to upgrade again on 7 July (Vodafone let you do sim only upgrades within the last 75 days of the contract.

    Mobiles had become a bit sloppy with getting cheques out earlier this year although seem to be getting better again now.
    Sukster's avatar
    The cheques were a sticky point for me, into the 3rd year and mobiles are at the bottom of my Christmas card list

    Moved over to 02, plus now have volt, super happy !!
  17. shutsy2003's avatar
    I want to give vodaphone a try just for a month before I take out a contract. Talk mobile do a 30 day sim only. Anyone know if speeds are similar with talk as I know they piggy back voda?
  18. Gelectric's avatar
    My wife and I are due upgrades with Vodafone. If we do this via mobiles.co.uk are we sent new sim cards or can we just use our current sim cards? Any advice from anyone who has done this would be greatly appreciated.
    rlszer's avatar
    Iirc, if you upgrade, you keep your SIM and number.
  19. muhammad_kholwadia's avatar
    Has anyone gone from Vodafone pay monthly 3rd party sim to pay as you go when it ends and then onto a new 3rd party Vodafone SIM like this cashback deal?
  20. muhammad_kholwadia's avatar
    Can a affordablemobiles Vodafone pay monthly contract be upgraded on mobiles.co.uk. my current contract ends 14th August
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    I'd like to know this as when I try to use the upgrde path in mobiles.co.uk it considers it a new contract and I see there T&Cs say you have to be a existing customer of mobiles.co.uk to do an upgrade thro them.

    My thinking is it's a good thing as it means I can go through Topcashback as a new SIM only plan for £30 instead of the £20....let's see!
  21. Seh6345's avatar
    Do you have to apply for cashback every single month to get the check?
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    No, quarterly. Set a reminder and 3 minute job (providing your bank supports paying in cheques remotely through taking a photo).

    If you're not the sort of person that will remember, there's better deals. I've always found it astoundingly easy
  22. Naruto_Dms's avatar
    FYI I got one of their cash back deal got my first cheque only to bounce. I emailed mobile.co.uk a week ago no reply so I'm not sure how reliable their cashback offer is worth
    Sukster's avatar
    Stay well away from the cashback deals, they are a nightmare
  23. andypearce543's avatar
    Great price but screw Vodafone. Cancelled a contract last year to get a new one w8th them. Noticed a year later they've been charging me twice (didn't noticed as came out on different days). Found out they didn't cancel the original contract. They've said the old one is unused for a year but still won't refund as they said there's no record of me cancelling
  24. adasko's avatar
    I am with Lebara who uses Vodafone, one of their masts stopped working in my area about 2 months ago.... Still not repaired....
  25. elofty's avatar
    I must be lucky as I keep upgrading and keep roaming on my account. by far the best deal out there.
  26. merkin51's avatar
    I gather from other threads that there is an auto-payment option that is not quite as good, but at least saves the hassle. Can anyone confirm if that's an option with this one?
  27. neofyt05's avatar
    Does anyone know what credit checks this involves? My current pay monthly contract (12 month no device) is expiring in a couple of weeks. If I upgrade to this will I get a hard credit check?
    lucas's avatar
  28. Bigcats30's avatar
    I don't understand.....I am with Vodafone and get roaming

    SIM only £32 a month been on it for a couple of years now...just got back from France and no issues and can use 25GB data when oversees

    Just buy a PAYG Three sim if you want roaming

    Easy (edited)
  29. Super7's avatar
    Does upgrade take effect same day? I remember last time I didn't have to use the SIM card they sent out as existing SIM card worked fine, just don't remember when the upgrade started
    whitman_the_cat's avatar
    For me this year, yes. On Tuesday, it was all done with texts and email from Vodafone in a couple of hours (all during working hours). Today (Thursday) the sim arrived but is not needed.

    For me last year the application was held for some security reason, so the following morning I had to confirm something to progress the upgrade.
  30. lucas's avatar
    I upgraded to this deal but noticed today I’m only getting 20gb instead of 100. Disappointing
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    Comments above imply that its just how it's shown on the bill and should also say 20+80. This is certainly how it shows on my bill as I took the same offer
  31. Luham's avatar
    Shame, it is not available any longer
    dent0207's avatar
    Give it a month and im sure it will be back
's avatar