Vodafone upgrade to HTC Desire £21.66 per month if you have old Nokia 5800 or similar
Vodafone upgrade to HTC Desire £21.66 per month if you have old Nokia 5800 or similar

Vodafone upgrade to HTC Desire £21.66 per month if you have old Nokia 5800 or similar

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It is time for my contract upgrade and so I called Vodafone asking for the HTC Desire. After haggling they offered me £20 per month for:

300 mins
Unlimited texts
Unlimited internet (fair usage 500mb)
24 month contract

The catch was that they wanted £108 for the phone. They then asked what old handset I had (a Nokia 5800) and they offered to buy that back from me for £68 regardless of its condition. They just send a jiffy bag which is all guarenteed in the post by Vodafone.

The net effect is the Desire will cost me £21.66 per month which I thought very reasonable.


A good deal - but like all renewals - it is pretty specific to either yourself, or how generous the person at the other end of the phone is feeling. Can't add heat to this as its very unlikely anyone else would get the same deal.
By the way it is a great phone. Enjoy!

Thanks for posting, I am going to be upgrading in a few weeks time, and this is good to know as I am currently on a contract with them for £25 a month and have a Nokia 5800 currently too. Hopefully I can get myself a similar deal with maybe a few more minutes per month.

Just out of curiosity OP, have you been told when your phone will be delivered? I have been waiting for mine since 19th May with no indication of when they will get sufficient stock in to fulfill my upgrade!

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No, I got an email saying that it was going to be 7-10 days but I spoke to customer services yesterday and they said with 48 hours so who knows.

Keep us updated then mate because if you do get one within 48 hours and I still haven't got mine Vodafone and I will be having words!

OP, did they say what other phones they would do this deal with?

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Looks like I didn't get as good a deal as I thought judging by the heat. Regarding buy back, I didn't think to ask. This is the info that I could find on the web:

Your old mobile phone could be worth
up to £100.

Your old phone could have a value. Maybe you have an old phone which you just don't use or recently replaced. Through the Vodafone BuyBack Scheme you can realise the value of such phones and in so doing ensure they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Phones returned to Vodafone will be used in developing countries or recycled in an environmentally friendly way. You must have a Vodafone Mobile to benefit from this service.

Call our Buyback hotline: 54321 free from your Vodafone mobile or 0845 270 7114 from any other number charged at local rates.

No that is a good deal OP I've been looking and that is by far the best deal on the Desire at the mo.
E:thumbsup:very one else wants at least £25 a month.

Sounds like a decent deal

I was offered £20 per month on a 24 month contract, with a free Desire. But I went for £25 a month for just 18 months - still with a free handset. Although I phoned to check on delivery this afternoon, and their system was down so they couldn't confirm quite when I'd be getting it.... :-(
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