Vodkat.... flavoured vodka 2.99 a bottle @ B&M Retail!

Vodkat.... flavoured vodka 2.99 a bottle @ B&M Retail!

Found 1st Feb 2009
Saw the post about B&M pommy bears and thought I'd add a deal of my very own.

50CL, 22%, which isnt the best, but its 2.99 a bottle!!! So a very cheap night for someone, good news is, altho it probably doesnt taste that great, the old vodkat, they do flavours now, which is basically 40% vodka, watered down with water and flavourings so hopefully it wont burn as much and will taste a little fruity... ideal with lemonade!

Ones I saw, cherry, pear, citron, apple, and a couple of others... also had vodka toffee @ 22%, but it was a 70cl bottle and 3.99, still cheap tho but toffee didnt really appeal 2 me!

Hope this post makes sense, been on the pop myself and I feel a bit like borat right now, shame my sister is out, wow wow wee war.
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good deal

vodkats not vodka tho is it?
They also had Rasberry at the Cleveleys one - it's flavoured vodka which we mixed with lemonade to make a nice long drink. Have some heat!
i tried the raspberry one and made me very ill...... the 20 shots of sambuca didnt help though!

good price but wouldnt drink again

good dealvodkats not vodka tho is it?

it is vodka, but like i said its 22%

they probably distill it at 37.5/40% whatevers easiest, then water it down so they get twice as much... which is why you never buy vodkat! but at 2.99 a bottle... cant be sniffed at (might send your head funny if you do tho)
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