Voice Activated Light - £1 @ PoundLand
Voice Activated Light - £1 @ PoundLand

Voice Activated Light - £1 @ PoundLand

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Next cheapest online price I could find for a similar light @ £4.76.

Really cool piece of kit, speak to light and it turns it on runs on 3 x AAA batteries I believe.

Product Description

*Adjustable lighting time
*Adjustable response to environment
*Adjustable brightness
*Super energy saving
*Super long stand-by time
*Super sensitive
*Easy to use, no cabling required
*Magnetic stand, easy moveable
*Both for indoor and outdoor usages


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Talking to your lights is the first sign of madness, I believe

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Talking to your lights is the first sign of madness, I believe

Haha, maybe in your case, you may decide to have a conversation with your light, but face it, it a cool way to turn your lights on.

Ah, but how do you turn it off ...

trying to think what i would say to it lol
hot for the fun of it


Ah, but how do you turn it off ...

I'd guess you just ignore it lol

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trying to think what i would say to it lolhot for the fun of it

Maybe say "on" to turn on & "off" for off just a thought... :thinking:

"Adjustable lighting time"

Must turn itself off after a specified time - could be handy.


Managed to get them on now what's Chinese for off?

Umm, where is the light on this?

Very interesting bit of kit, have you tried this yet ?

For £1 I dont think you can really go wrong - even if it is rubbish, just take it apart for bits :thumbsup:

Do you know if this is national or just particular to your local store ? and if they'll be opn tomorrow being a bank holiday and all.


good price for the for the daft-ist invention ever
i can just imagine people standing for about ten mins in the dark shouting at the light

not good for those with tourettes....cost them a fortune in batteries :w00t:

do you program these things with specific voice commands? for a pound surely not. i can imagine the sound of closing a drawer or something accidentally turning them on then the batteries run flat




If you're trying to encourage a child to vocalise, they are ideal as rewards. Such as - child makes a noise, light comes on.

i would feel competely Blakes 7 with some of these - how cool is that!!

Finally, something that will be turned on, no matter what rubbish I say to it.

That's got to be worth a pound.

does anybody acutely know how these work? you have to remove your main switch and connect the wires to this puppy or what?

it doesn't add up, this think aint god.

oh wait, it must be something like this, but different shape obviously:


so the light is on it, where the hell you gonna stick this? in your toilet, wake up at 4am to pee and start screaming at it to turn on and wake up the whole house? lol

i can only see this being handy for bedrooms were you don't have a side lamp and need a bit of light but the switch is to far or in a shed or something where there's no light.

I went to my local Poundland last week and they had all sorts of cool little lights. I bought a floating solar-charging plastic light, a white plastic ball that lights up and fades between colours (red, green, blue).. and a rubber frog that ribbits when it detects motion. I'm going to pull the guts out of the frog and try to do something more interesting with it, though.

Just to clarify, found a couple of these at the local Poundland. They had two types, one was a little more sleek and had an "on/off switch" and the other was smaller but no switch. Both have three white LEDs and powered off of 3xAAA batteries. They respond to any sort of increase in ambient sound and turn on, then turn off again after 30 seconds or so.

I might find a way to muffle the sensor to suppress the sensitivity, but the auto-turn off is quite annoying and will take some thinking to find a work around. Personally, I can't see a use for them, it's not like a motion sensing light.
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