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Posted 5 October 2022

Vokera Easi Heat 25KW Combi Boiler & Flue - £442.80 Delivered @ Selco

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25kW Vokera Combi boiler and flue
Not bad for a flat or small 2 or 3br house specially if you have an electric shower
Not the best boiler brand, but to be fair most brands are hit and miss. You could get an unlucky piece.

Add £350-500 for replacing an existing boiler in situ. That's what we did 3y back in another house.

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The Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 25kW Combi Boiler is a compact and lightweight boiler designed for easy installation. It features a standard Vokera pipework layout to enable a hassle-free replacement of old Vokera models and simple commissioning.


  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Compact can be fitted in a kitchen cupboard
  • Simple commissioning. Combustion analysis test point for easy servicing and maintenance
  • ErP Class A efficiency for both space and water heating
  • Includes flue and built-in mechanical clock
  • Anti-cycling control prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and reduces wear and tear
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Low NOx Class 5 performance
  • Easily converted to LPG using an optional kit
  • Hot water flow rate: 10.2L @ 35c rise


  • Height: 795mm
  • Width: 405mm
  • Depth: 248mm
  • Weight (kg): 29
  • Warranty Period: 5 Years
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Selco BW More details at Selco BW
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    Ppl are quoting some super expensive quotes for installing a boiler, just a rough guide. If you call the big boys , they will rip your goolies off, however if you can afford it , then good for you , go with them.

    For all the average folk heres a guide to prices in the North , Yorksire. Local plumbers, Gas safe registered.

    Swap existing boiler for new : approx. £400-£600

    Completely new install, add another :£200 ish .

    If you want it relocating , depend on work and distance, £500-£1000

    Rough guide prices. Best to use local recommended installers, you'll get better prices. (edited)
    Because not everybody lives in the north where a 4 bed house cost 50k
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    I know heating engineers that refuse to install vokera
    I do too stay away 
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    Surprise, if you spend more money, you can buy a better boiler...

    This is a great price for a new combi boiler with flue. If you're short on cash and credit and your boiler broke this is a good solution
    Not sure about that, since a boiler is something that needs fitting and pipework adjusting etc I would no way go for a poorer brand, I had a choice and went for a Worcester Bosch, just not worth fitting something cheap and nasty in my opinion. Opinions differ and that is fine.
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    General public shouldn’t be allowed to purchase gas appliances, I believe ?
    Should only be gas safe companies.
    I suppose it depends on how strict selco are.
    The selco site does state you need to apply for a trade card to buy anything from the site, providing business details, so they are strictly not selling to the general public. How that affects whether or not it should be listed as a deal on HUKD I'm not sure.
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    I've had three of these boilers fitted for a total of 11 years combined. So far I've had one issue and Vokera came out within a few days and fixed it.

    Consequently I recommend these boilers quite highly. And as a general side note: Be careful going with the recommendations of heating engineers - I've had far more crappy recommendations than good over the years, for various reasons.
    3 boilers in 11 years, in the same house? Or are all 3 still in 3 houses and running well?
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    Vokera are crap
    Plumbers agree 
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    I’ve not had that brand, but my Worcester Bosch, a better known brand, are crap.
    I've a Vaillant, running an unvented system.

    No problems in 5 years.
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    Given the cost of install a boiler goes into the thousands, would it make sense to install something you think will be reliable also even if that means saving a little longer?

    Just a thought.
    If it costs thousands to replace a combi for another combi your being ripped off.
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    The house I'm in the process of buying has an Ideal Instinct boiler. Never heard of them, seems it was installed in 2019 so I hope it works for another 5-10 years :/

    I have an Alpha boiler in my house which I had installed in 2010 and it's lasted 12 years so far without any significant cost. Anyway this is my story and I'm sorry I felt the need to share it with you. I didn't think I would be talking about boilers today but that's life for you
    The instinct range was just a rebranded name/range for independent merchants. 

    From memory the nationals had the i-combi and the independents had the instinct. They were brought in to compete with the lower end price points such as the vokera cheap boilers. 

    Not as good as the Ideal Logic range but a lot better than Vokera.

    Ideal boilers are a good company though. I think they have the value and quality points spot on.  (edited)
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    Might give this a try, are these things easy to install? Any youtube videos?
    Yes, here is a usefull you tube video for you.
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    Utter junk.

    If you want to save alot more £, get a Viessmann 200-W gas boiler. Best modulation ratio, advanced weather compensation, highest efficiency of any boiler on the market. It'll pay for itself multiple times over during the 12 year warranty period.
    "Alot" isn't an actual word!!!!
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    I work for one of the big 4 boiler manufacturers as external sales. In the 7 years I’ve been in the industry I’ve yet to meet a decent heating engineer that would recommend Vokera.
    Sure the price is low but that’s for a reason. From a homeowners perspective you need to look closely at the warranty aspect; does the company have many (if any) of their own engineers on the road …if not then how do you expect to get a call out to a broken down boiler in the thick of winter?
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    I've had a Vokera in my property since 2013, it was installed by the previous owner. Yes it's not the best of brands and it has had problems every 2 to 3 years but other than that it's it's served its purpose. I expected it to be terribly unreliable but it's actually surprised me.

    If you're on a budget then it's not a bad option but just be aware that it won't be powerful enough to deal with a rainfall showerhead however if you can afford a better boiler then go for Worcester Bosch (not saying that they don't every run into problems but people I know who have them would go for no other brand).
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    I've a vokera 32kw combi, had it for over 3 years, not had any issues. (edited)
    Does it make loud noise?
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    Had a vokera for 15 years with no issues. Great reliable boilers. I tend to go for vaillant these days though.
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    Vokera use to be one of the best over 10 years ago now they are crap, plastic parts and all sorts. Even Bosch are rubish. Best pay a bit more and go with longest warranty now from 5-10 years . Ive had baxi/potterton for a few years now no issues think it came with 7 year warranty.
    'Bosch are rubbish' go for a long warranty, then quote a warranty for a boiler less than Bosch
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    Intergas for me! 12 years and still going strong 💪🏻 serviced each year for £50 a time. Fantastic piece of kit
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    10kW is enough for everyone