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Lego 10220 VW Camper Van & Lego 10252 VW Beetle - £54.99 each instore @ Caffyns VW Brighton (Portslade)
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Posted 19th JulPosted 19th JulLocalLocal
Lego 10220 VW Camper Van & Lego 10252 VW Beetle - £54.99 each instore @ Caffyns VW Brighton (Portslade)£54.99
These are £84.99 and £74.99 respectively direct from LEGO so a great saving. Apparently they have loads in the storeroom and have reduced the price as noone has been buying them, … Read more
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As above the promotion has ended i shall make do with the last beetle i got yesterday (y)


I just emailed them regarding stock levels (I was going to pop by this afternoon) and a chap there called Dexter replied noting the promotion has now ended... bums! This is what happens when I procrastinate!!! :(


Sorry, I was on about the beetle only.


To my surprise both of these sets are set to retire in December. I have just released my list for sets to retire at the end of 2020:


Great first post @Ireallylovebacon (y) Thanks for sharing!

6 Months Free Apple Music if you have a 2018> VW
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Posted 27th Mar 2019Posted 27th Mar 2019
6 Months Free Apple Music if you have a 2018> VW
Worked for me using the VW Car-Net iOS app. All very straight forward. All customers of a new Volkswagen with Car-Net Online Services can redeem an Apple Music voucher. To enjoy … Read more

I used this and it was 6 months provided you hadn’t used the 3 months Apple offer for new customers. I had used the trial so got 3 months for free. Still ok though. Heat added.


Try Napster


cheers op!


6 months? Knowing VWs, er, mathematics, it will be 3 months and a couple of weeks....


Try android

Volkswagen Diesel Scrappage Upgrade Scheme
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Posted 8th Feb 2018Posted 8th Feb 2018
Volkswagen Diesel Scrappage Upgrade Scheme
Trade in your old diesel, whatever the make, and get up to £6,000 toward a brand new Volkswagen with our Scrappage Upgrade Scheme. Scrappage Upgrade Savings are available on many … Read more
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I think it’s best to try all three. The last three cars I’ve purchased have been cheapest on Carwow. Only by a £100 or so, but still. (Cheaper than Carfile / Drive the deal).


Probably not due to the caveat saying not applicable on e-golf. Try TL Darby in Burton (Sean Bunting I have dealt with there) or give a call or email (jl at carfile dot net) as Jonathan is really helpful.


As for drivethedeal, they weren’t willing to take the order with Scrappage bonus


June deadline has been extended due to number of orders. s kust spoken to vw uk and they have confirmed Scrappage for golf e is £5500 and what they have on their website is typo. Still not 100% convinced but will go with dealer that has offered £5500. dtd worked out at 9k discount on standard golf e without scrappage


You wont get an e golf on scrappage unless you can land a stock car as the lead time is past June deadline for scrappage. e-golf is £4k scrappage. carwow is mediocre at best for deals and the likes of DriveTheDeal and carfile blow them out the water.

5L 10W-40 synthetic engine oil £12.97. Volkswagen approved and supplied by Volkswagen dealers (offline deal)
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Posted 17th Jan 2018Posted 17th Jan 2018LocalLocal
5L 10W-40 synthetic engine oil £12.97. Volkswagen approved and supplied by Volkswagen dealers (offline deal)£12.97
Needed some engine oil for my 2014 VW. Was thinking eurocarparts would be the cheapest with the current winter offers they've had recently. Was going to buy but many of local store… Read more
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Had the car serviced today and my mechanic ex VW technician has confirmed this oil is excellent quality and is suitable for lots of different vehicles. I appreciate everyone's concerns about whether this is suitable for my vehicle. I posted this deal to help others who use a similar grade. I did not claim it's a universal oil it's down the each individual person to check compatibility. Regardless of which it's good to see people discuss a technical topic such as this and personally have found the information posted by other HUKD members to be informative and beneficial. Thanks guys.


That's only that it's up to VWspec....doesn't mean it's the right can get all viscosities up to that spec 502.00.Vw recommend 5w-30 long life fully synthetic Castrol Edge on their site for newer cars..even 0w-20 for some modelsAt that price it's basic/budget oil,you get what you pay for.And it's not suitable for DPF cars


The spec of the oil VW502.00. and perfectly fine for my car. It's been recommend by VW based on my reg number. If any issues arise due it being the incorrect oil I have a potential legal case.


10w-40 in a 2014 car?'s thicker than say 5w-30,maybe ok for summer use/warmer climate country.I use 10w-40 in my 20 year old cars and it mostly semi/part synthetic,can't say I've ever saw fully in that grade.Most cars I have serviced from early 2000 onwards would mostly be 5w-30 or thinner....using 10w-40 probably wouldn't kill anything but might not get where it should as quick as it should on a very cold,cold mate has a 2015 diesel Golf here right now,he says 5w-30.


every new vw is 5-30 fully synthetic this is not the right oil for your car this is more like water than anything lol

Quantum Platinum 5L 5W40 Fully Synth Engine Oil £13.34 at TPS
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Posted 5th Oct 2017Posted 5th Oct 2017
Quantum Platinum 5L 5W40 Fully Synth Engine Oil £13.34 at TPS£13.34
Bought from Trades Part Specialists (no account needed). Cheapest I've ever seen 5L of engine oil go for. Great stuff for VW that require 502 spec oil. £13.34 inc. VAT.
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Cheers OP. Had never heard of these people, but thanks for the heads up. Although this is marked as expired, I just popped in to my local(ish) branch and picked up a couple for this price, saved me at least £12 over anyone else! Just in case anyone is after larger quantities, I enquired about the price of a 20L drum, was quoted around £40 + vat.


Their site isn't great. Just call your local, ask for a price for said part number and you go collect. Simple :)


Yes they do. Not all, but most. I don't have any trade card or affiliation with any trade or business. I've bought hundreds of pounds of parts from them. I'm in Newcastle.


Thanks OP, just collected PART NUMBER: ZGB115QLB01625 Platinum Plus 5W30 for £13.60.


Never heard of them either. What a useless website. When I search for stores using the mobile, at various locations nothing comes up at all,. When I search for 10w 40 oil I get loads of different wiper blades. Wilko had an offer of Castrol fully synthetic for around this price a couple of Months back and Asda sell Castrol part synthetic for between 10 and 12 pound when on promotion.

Volkswagen Data Plug. FREE. Telematics sent from car to smartphone
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Posted 28th Sep 2017Posted 28th Sep 2017
Volkswagen Data Plug. FREE. Telematics sent from car to smartphone
I'm not going to waffle on here... so apologies If I don't list every single feature etc... Volkswagen are currently giving away a dongle that fits into the car's OBD port (small … Read more
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Latest update to download ... permissions needed...access to camera and phone call details as well as the original permissions described earlier...not good Oh dear, and latest reviews on play store say update makes app unusable lol


very likely they will be heavily monitoring the app usage remotely and collecting all this information themselves. lol do you think they give away so many devices for free and not get anything back?


Matth5182. No they don't it comes with the mmi tech pack


I plugged in this in and my gearbox seized up at a set of dual carriage lights on the a12...... i IMMEDIATELY took it out and never put it in again. And the gearbox has been fine since. Had no problems before so i was absolutely shocked. I know it sounds absurd....but i will not be putting that back in my car despite its amazing features, which i really wanted btw Oh and also it records your top speed of the journey..... god knows what they do with that but three figures were not be warned


It will report lower emissions than a Tesla until on the highway........... ;)

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Volkswagen DataPlug - Free during promotion (Normally £80)
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Posted 16th Aug 2017Posted 16th Aug 2017LocalLocal
Volkswagen DataPlug - Free during promotion (Normally £80)
Anyone who owns a VW, drop by your local VW garage as their new DataPlugs are currently free during the promotion period! Popped in this morning to ask about it, they said they’r… Read more

Picked mine up today, still free :)


Swindon vw gives them out no questions asked! Does anyone know if this will work on Audi with the myaudi or vw connect equivalent Audi app?


I believe the fashionable phrase is "cool story, Bro"


Picked one up tonight. Still free of charge at my local dealership.


Got one from Ipswich dealer today. Service staff were too busy with their own stuff but one of them handed the plug from few boxes stacked on table, no questions asked. Plugged into car, connected with the app but as others have said it gives nothing more data than what already is visible on dashboard or can work out logically e.g. service reminder. I'm not going to waste phone battery on this, so now unplugged and dumped into old tech gadgets box.

free sorry box from VW for emissions @ VW
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Posted 1st Feb 2017Posted 1st Feb 2017LocalLocal
free sorry box from VW for emissions @ VW
Just popped into my local VW garage as my windscreen motor went. They also had to do a emissions check because of the scandal but as a sorry have given me a free thermal VW mug, … Read more
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​No they don't. Google AdBlue


​Hence the question mark at the end of my question! You must be one of vw's most loyal sheep.


When i had a golf i was hoping for a German beer Girl with two large jugs telling me that she would be carrying out the lubricants and fluid change. Instead i had some thinning-on-top middle aged bloke called Barry telling me my shock absorber was gone. When he presented the hefty bill, i discovered - to my surprise - that my shock absorber had indeed gone. I was in deep shock alright. :|


No freebies from Volvo, just excellent service.

volkswagen Winter Car Health Check - VW £20
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Posted 26th Nov 2016Posted 26th Nov 2016
volkswagen Winter Car Health Check - VW £20£20
Give your car the winter once-over £20 Winter Health Check The Check includes: 34-point Express Visual Check: Technicians give your car the once over and report any safety risks… Read more

Had this last year, a month later had a flat battery, in retrospect received a checklist but no printouts, so umpteen things not done


​people pay £40 for a new ps4 game and don't have brakes to stop the car when they get in the parking lot and wonder why :))


I wish that was the case mate, every one we do gets a full EVC including Citnow video. You may not believe me but these winter checks are such a time waster for the dealers. Before you say that the customer will be ripped off by selling things that do not require attention, the video clearly shows any concerns found for the owner to make their own decisions.


Wonder what they could possibly find wrong on a 16 year old Golf X)


Just found out my Golf has Chlamydia, it really is worth going for these free health checks once in a while oO

VW Volkswagen Cambelt Change £299 @ Volkswagen dealerships
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Posted 15th Feb 2016Posted 15th Feb 2016
VW Volkswagen Cambelt Change £299 @ Volkswagen dealerships£299
£299 for a cambelt change from a VW Main dealer. Probably worth also getting the water pump replaced at the same time, and this will then be £349. As this is a main dealer and pric… Read more

Er where did I say the pump should be included for that price? There simply should not be the option to have a water pump replaced also on a separate offer. Just have one offer on the cambelt which includes the pump for an X amount.


Why should they include the water pump at that do it for £299 the parts are sold at cost plus 10%, there is no room for further reductions like including the water pump. Oh my post, I did not imply that you were saying do not go to a dealer!. My reply to you was REALLY!!!. The rest of the post was stating fact. Thanks for your reply


£350 or an engine rebuild of thousands, as they say do the.....:) they used to say it would be ok to go past the mileage but they now say as much stress is put on the belt even at lower mileages. Don't go to the extreme of 2 years but do it before the 4 year recommendation.


should include the water pump in the deal there should not be an option to pay extra and get the water pump done too. im not saying dont go to a main dealer read my post.


​are you sure it was a cambelt? may have been a timing belt for instance.

VW Ensurance free for 3 years.  Guaranteed VW workshop and technicians should your vehicle need repairing following a crash.
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Posted 14th Jan 2016Posted 14th Jan 2016
VW Ensurance free for 3 years. Guaranteed VW workshop and technicians should your vehicle need repairing following a crash.
Ensurance is Volkswagen's free accident and repair cover. It works alongside your existing comprehensive motor insurance policy, no matter who you are insured with, to help get you… Read more
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I was confused as to what this actually did. This seems like a good, brief explanation and caveat:


Audi are doing the same thing now as I have just received a letter the ought the post


Don't lots of manufacturers have a setup like this?... certainly in my experience Mitsubishi and Hyundai do:


Signed up thanks op


Unfortunately 'no matter what' is not strictly true. Age and mileage are factored into this 'cover'. I have it for my VW, its always free, but they charge your insurance company a fee of around £300 which will eventually be claimed back from a third party (if it was a multiple party accident).

VW Spring Health Check at Participating VW Dealers: £20
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Posted 5th May 2015Posted 5th May 2015
VW Spring Health Check at Participating VW Dealers: £20£20
May be of use to someone. Wherever you’re taking your Volkswagen this year, it’s worth making sure winter hasn't left it worse for wear. So why not get set with a Spring Health C… Read more
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They don't even wash cars properly at York.


97% happy not bad reviews 4. Delivery 4.1 All goods are delivered free within the area served by the Company. never used the company,was just a quick search. So basically your being charged £17 for a wash and vac and a chance for the dealer to hit some work up. All dealers now carry out free health checks that carry out these checks even if you just go in for a bulb to be replaced ! Cold deal for me,just my opinion....


Thats a ripper £2.86 :)


Yes, use the main dealer to get the service history stamp on the book but when they suggest loads of things that need doing just tell them to shut up and do the service that I asked for. Luckily my main dealer does servicing for less than the independents charge, and they follow the manufacturer recommended checks. I (some cheap servicing deals put in cheap oil, blow the airfilter with an airline, wash the oil filter and reuse it).


Arthur prince Loughborough fantastic service

Free 3 Years Breakdown and Repair Cover with Volkswagen
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Posted 25th Feb 2015Posted 25th Feb 2015
Free 3 Years Breakdown and Repair Cover with Volkswagen
Was looking to book the service for my Polo with VW and noticed this, looks like a good little service considering its completely free! Worth a try and hopefully never have to use … Read more
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Loads of manufacturers have been doing it for years, it's a good cash cow for them. Ford, Vauxhall, Honda, Nissan, BMW, etc. People please stop using accident claims management companies, use the third party insurance or your own. All these extra people in the chain are pushing up premiums.


Skoda do the same thing. Must be a VW group offer.


But it's not 'Breakdown & Repair Cover' is it? Edit, beat me to it oddballjamie!


It isn't breakdown and repair cover. It's just a claims company to use in the event of an accident making commission from insurance companies.

VW Cambelt Offer £299.00 @ Volkswagen
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Posted 29th Sep 2014Posted 29th Sep 2014
VW have a cam belt offer on currently till December 30th 2014. When I rang the local dealership, they quoted me £419!! Then I mentioned the offer on the VW website,they then said i… Read more
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Any chance of a deal lkke this coming around again?


Think you go for which ever comes first, I certainly wouldn`t wait more than 4 years


Cheers dude! Will get this looked it ASAP!


as someone who had a belt go about 30,000 miles before it was due, years ago now, I now ignore the amount of miles and look at the years and even then the manufacturers and other experts could never agree what number of years to do it at :(


Hmm interesting for my 2.0 FSI it says change every 120,000 miles or every 48 months - I doubt there are many people who would cover that amount of miles in 4 years? It seems quite a difference in the milage and time factors?

Volkswagen UP £8265 @ Volkswagen
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Posted 4th Jan 2014Posted 4th Jan 2014
Volkswagen UP £8265 @ Volkswagen£8,265
A cheap and reliable car Offering an impresive range of features for an entry level model, the Take up! is great value for money. 14" Take up! steel wheels • Isofix rear child se… Read more
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£6495 for a new Mii at Carquake


Where is the deal?


Or the new i10 in about 30 days...


or Seat Mii


Skoda citigo same car and cheaper

VW Golf Cabriolet £1500 deposit contribution + 0% APR Finance on all models (From £189 per month)
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Posted 21st May 2012Posted 21st May 2012
VW Golf Cabriolet £1500 deposit contribution + 0% APR Finance on all models (From £189 per month)
If you're buying on finance this a great deal, and just as the weather is heating up. The new Golf Cabriolet is available with £1500 towards your deposit plus 0% finance on all ver… Read more

I beleive the £1500 deposit contribution ends at the end of this month


Needless to say the finance quote is on the 1.2 S model - I had a mailer a few weeks ago on this and nearly got one for the wife. Then saw that £189 gets you the base model with the 3 cylinder engine :( A GT in metallic as pictured is approaching £26K Heat thou, as the deal is still good for a drop-top with solid residuals and build quality.


this is a great deal. bought this car on this deal about 6 weeks ago. Also not that hard to get dealer to knock another grand / grand and a half off the RRP.


You won't get 0% finance on a pre reg, 0% will save you more than the saving on list price.


this is very true, better to buy a pre reg.

VW Polo Match 1.2 3dr Free 1 year insurance till April 30th £11,555 @ Volkswagen
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Posted 22nd Apr 2012Posted 22nd Apr 2012
VW Polo Match 1.2 3dr Free 1 year insurance till April 30th £11,555 @ Volkswagen£11,555
If you are over 21 and live in a high catorgory insurance area this deal might save you money.. VW Polo Match comes with alloys A/c and great residuals compared to Skoda Fabia rece… Read more
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Too funny man, thanks for the laugh.


SKIDS LIKE A GOLF !!!! after the report by Dont get done get Dom No thx


Also the money you lose on selling a year old Corsa will out weigh the insurance, ignore the renewal, shop around and keep hold of that lifetime warranty on the first owner.


Tell the guy to shop around, no way is it that much to insure a Micra in Birmingham with three years no claims. My partners sister lives in Brum, has a Micra with two years no claims and pays £1k. I lived there for 27 years and the most I ever paid was £1400 and that was my first year on a group 11 car.


My Daughter got a new Corsa with free insurance last year. The renewal is ridiculous hence I was looking for a car with free insurance to replace. My daughter would not be happy with the image of a Skoda, as these appeal to a different type of canny buyer I suspect! I prefer the looks of the Polo anyway. A work colleague in Birmingham told me his 22 year old who has been driving claim free for 3 years has been quoted £4500 this year on his 2007 Nissan Micra, so as mentioned in this posting this deal will only perhaps appeal to younger motorists!

New Golf Cabriolet £1500 discount + 0% finance (from £189 p/m)
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Posted 26th Mar 2012Posted 26th Mar 2012
New Golf Cabriolet £1500 discount + 0% finance (from £189 p/m)
There are bigger discounts available for cash buyers than £1500 but if you're buying on finance or with a trade in the combination of £1500 off plus the 0% finance makes a real sa… Read more

Looked on the site, and the radio display is in German! Seriously, also doesn't mention DAB radio. It seems to be a common problem, but criminal that car radios are not shipping with DAB at this stage.


Why would you buy one? You can lease this car far cheaper! It works out at £313 per month over 3 years under this scheme, you can lease from £251 per month and the car includes road tax. The final payment is what it would be worth after 3 years.


Ericabro: Did your daughter lubricate the seals for the folding roof with silicone spray every six months? Perhaps not, some dealerships are very poor at providing advice like that - very important to do for cars with folding roofs or frameless windows. You will always get hammered on resale if you keep a car for what the trade would consider to be a short period, saying that though, 25% lost on RRP after 18 months is good going when you consider some cars lose 50% in 18 months. VWs are generally good solid cars, but when you get a dog, you really get a dog - the 1.4TSI 160PS engine is plagued with misfire problems if you believe everything you read on the VW forums.


Like a golf... but with the roof chopped ;)


Specced it up to a decent spec that I'd want & it came out at £36k !! New Golf Cabriolet GT BlueMotion Technology 2.0 TDI 140PS 6spd DSG Solutions Representative example Duration: 36 months Average miles per year: 10,000 Deposit: £9,097.38 35 monthly payments of: £540.33 Retailer cash price: £36,389.50 Acceptance fee:* £0.00 Optional final payment: £12,516.25 Option to purchase fee:** £0.00 Total amount payable: £40,525.18 Total amount of credit: £27,292.12 Excess mileage (per mile): 6.00p Representative APR: 7.1% APR Rate of interest: 7.1% fixed

Polo with free insurance^ and servicing^^ plus £500 off  £9495 @ Volkswagen
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Posted 16th Feb 2011Posted 16th Feb 2011
Polo with free insurance^ and servicing^^ plus £500 off £9495 @ Volkswagen£10,812.02
Solutions: 3 years, 10,000 miles per annum, representative example for: Polo S 1.2 60PS 3dr Buy a new Polo before 31st March 2011 with Solutions from Volkswagen Finance and receiv… Read more

for young motorist and buying first car this may be more suitable in my opinion.. this way one can build up no claim discount and get to drive new car every three years..

banerama £299 for three years servicing.


I imagine my insurance on this will be £1000, and I imagine three years of VW servicing must be worth at least £1000, also you get to buy it over time


Well it wouldn't work for me, but there are plenty of people out there where it would work very well financially, 1500 quid is nothing unusual to pay for a year's insurance for many especially 21 year olds who do qualify!


cash price £8833.79p (DTD) so you paying nearly 2k extra for i year insurance and 3 years service....emmm..cold

Cheap car VW Polo @ Pulman Volkswagen Sunderland £99 / month
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Posted 5th Feb 2011Posted 5th Feb 2011
Cheap car VW Polo @ Pulman Volkswagen Sunderland £99 / month£99
First post folks but really impressed with this deal, missus been looking at VW Polo's for a while, got an email this morning (Deal url) and popped over to the VW dealer in Sunderl… Read more
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Deposit is £2500 not £99