Voltarol pain-eze emulgel £1.50 @ Tesco

Voltarol pain-eze emulgel £1.50 @ Tesco

LocalFound 27th Mar 2014
This stuff is amazing for aches and pains, unfortunately it's usually a bit pricey for me at £5 odd, but for £1.50 I couldn't say no!
Found in my local tesco express reduced to clear (sel) I hope it's nationwide. Do let me know.
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Seem to be NW think it's to do with a stock change. Across Express only

Seem to be NW think it's to do with a stock change. Across Express only

Thanks for letting us know
hot .....no express near me but this stuff really is the dogs dangleys
I got some great deal
Heat added. Great deal if you can get it. Unfortunately my nearest Tesco Express in Essex is rather too far to make a special trip.
Great stuff....very effective
Tnx will have a look
Got a tube at £3 scanned at £9 and woman was really funny with me I was happy with it for that nevermind £1.50 have done heat !!! Oh and surprised it works so well too
managed to get some well done on the find at least 75% off
Diclofenac has been strongly linked with cardiac toxicity recently. Not to be used lightly.
No chance....40g £6.57 / 60g £8.72 and 100g £12.25 (_;)
Thank you so much for posting this, got some this morning.
OP, found none today.
At first, I saw 10 and grabbed all and took them to the till only to be told they are £6.90 each , went back and saw that the 40g is £6.90, the 30g is £1.09, only one 30g was left

WAIT.... I paid £1.09 !!!
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