Volvic Touch of Strawberry 19p @ Home Bargains

Volvic Touch of Strawberry 19p @ Home Bargains

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Saw this great deal at home bargains yesterday, they had loads of the shelf and were putting more on. Nice taste too, 7 calories :L

500ml bottle


Good price.

damn keeps getting cheaper, i use to pay £89p near my uni then i see its £35p at tesco and now this, heated!

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I do hope they keep these at this price

they don't have them that often, I love the apple one but that is quite a rare beast at Home Bargains!

Just need the Home Bargains in Stevenage to hurry up and open now. Website says October 2010 but when I went past last week it didn't look very ready, no shelves or floor.

Best I can get for these is 2 - 4 packs for £4 in ASDA.
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oooo nice, hope they have some when I get the chance to pop in
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