Vonage, VOIP, £5.99 P/Month + £55 Quidco Cashback!!

Vonage, VOIP, £5.99 P/Month + £55 Quidco Cashback!!

Found 12th Jan 2008
Vonage have 6 months at £5.99 then £7.99, also you can get £55 cashback via quidco!

Reduce your phone bills. Make unlimited UK and International calls on a variety of packages from Vonage, from £7.99 a month (no contract!). Choose the V-Phone, perfect for students and travellers, as it can be plugged in and used on ANY PC with a broadband connection! Enjoy a risk free 30 day trial with a full money back guarantee!

For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn:

£55 for any V-Plan package

Please read the following before proceeding: You must go through quidco to get the cashback!

This may initially track in as £40 but will be updated to the full £55 before you are paid.
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looks good since im on skype and i pay £10 a month for 3 months for skype in and then have to pay credit for skype out, costs quite a bit and i get nothing back so ill have a nosey at it now.
Can anyone tell me if the quality of PC to PC calls are the same quality as PC to landline calls?
dunno but just noticed something

Setup Fees
Line Activation Fee£9.99
Equipment Delivery Fee£8.99
Disconnection feesLine Disconnection Fee †£23.99

Forget that plus you have to use a special box aswell as that there's no mention of people being able to call you.
It's just ONE off fees guys, £9.99 + £8.99 Delivery = £18.98
And your getting £55 cash back! still £36.02 profit!
If you get your broadband from Virgin you dont even need a landline saving another £11 p month!

It's just ONE off fees guys, £9.99 + £8.99 Delivery = £18.98And your ge … It's just ONE off fees guys, £9.99 + £8.99 Delivery = £18.98And your getting £55 cash back! still £36.02 profit!If you get your broadband from Virgin you dont even need a landline saving another £11 p month!

not great for emergency calls though as you need power for the PC

also, £36 profit IF you dont count the 12 months contract or the £23 disconnection fee
i have been using vonage for the past few years for work.

good call quality most of the time if you have broadband connection
Voted Hot, as I am a proud customer of vonage. It does not require your PC to be switched on however the broadband should be working 24/7 which works mostly. Vonage comes with a box that is seperately powered and can be plugged to any broadband router. Setting it up is Child's play all you need to do is connect any landline phone to the Vonage box (connected to broadband). No CD's to insert or make any configurations!!!

When I took the connection the cashback was £40. Withvonage you still save a lot and ultimately its profit even if you need to terminate before 12 months.

The phone works like a regular landline and you can make unlimited calls to many international destinations for free without having to hang up and redial after 60 minutes. Ofcourse you can dial all numbers from that you would normall do from a BT line including emergency calls. You get a regular landline number of any area within UK.

This is an amazing deal as pointed earlier you can save £11 per month (BT line rental) provided you get Virgin cable broadband, fortunately I do!!!

No it is not a good deal. Buy a PAP2 or Netgear TA612V VOIP router (I am selling one UNLOCKED for £35 delivered) and sign up to one of the betamax packages, 10 euro credit gives you 300 minutes of free calls/week for upto 3 months!

Can anyone tell me if the quality of PC to PC calls are the same quality … Can anyone tell me if the quality of PC to PC calls are the same quality as PC to landline calls?

I am using this for over 18 months.
BT etc says that in case of emergrncy they cant trace your address. honestly how many time we have to use emergency phone? and many people have mobile phone anyways.
Vonage quality is good, they provide loads of facility including call forward , voicemail etc.
5.99 for unlimited call is too good.
would't work out very well for what i use my skype for anyway.

I have my wireless broadband router downstairs which is a netgear, although i could plug that box into that it would mean an additional thing sitting there, plus the reason we have wireless network as im upstairs and its about 20 meters away from the broadband router, which would mean i would have to get a 20 meter ethernet cable just to run from my front door to my bedroom which defeats the purpose of having the wireless network in the first place.

Or you could just surgest i get a wireless phone which would also would require me to use more power for the phone to send out the wireless signal and also mean i would have to spend out more, i would just prefer just having another service such as skype were i can for example have my laptops wireless card providing the connection and use a usb phone or even better invest £50 in a SKYPE phone that i can use anywhere and it works the same as a mobile phone.

The parents get a good deal on their BT line where they don't have to hang up after 60 mins or anything we could be on the phone after 6pm everyday for aslong as we want and it costs nothing, reason why i have the VOIP line with my own personal number is i wouldn't be able to get a 2nd line installed for upstairs plus i can use it where ever i am without having to carry a box around with me and a normal phone, not really portable when you look at it like that.

Plus the parents don't like me holding up the phone line as it's used for buisness and personal calls and they always recieve calls and don't like it wrapped up so i choose to have a VOIP phone with my own number so my mates can call me and i have no problems and to be honest skype i pay like £10 line rental a month for 3 months plus whatever credit i use, i can pay by paypal and although they do add £1.50 vat to every £10 top up which is rediculous, but it means people can phone me on my local number.

Works out far better considering there is no connection fees, setup fees, and you can use your own mic and headset or if you want to be mobile you can simply get a 100m bluetooth dongal plugged into your usb port and pair a bluetooth headset to it.

Makes more sense...

or even better invest £50 in a SKYPE phone that i can use anywhere and … or even better invest £50 in a SKYPE phone that i can use anywhere and it works the same as a mobile phone....

If you mean the Belkin thing, it's in chocolate fireguard territory, unless you're in an open WiFi cloud. It's like a new version of a Hutchison Rabbit...and most of us old enough know how pointless that was!!!
The call quality is extremely good and it stays good as long as you a broadband with speed 1Mbps and above. Vonage comes with a host of free features for which BT charges you extra. The best feature I feel is call conference which means 3 people can chat at the same time.

If all you really care about is people calling you then you could request vonage for the lowest plan i.e. £2.49 per month which entitles you to zero minutes of dialing and unlimited incomming calls. Please not this plan is given in special circumstances, however once you get it you can keep it forever. This way it comes out to be £7.5 for 3 months. Your loved ones can call you from abroad for free by dialing a local dial through number, facility available in Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the UK and US. Moreover calls from vonage to vonage are free!!!!
I was interested in vonage and wrote to Quidco for confirmation and this is what I was told.

My Question:
Vonage commission - Sorry I didnt know where to ask this question. It says under Voage, "£55 for any V-Plan package" and specifically mentions £7.99 package and the link takes you to Plan-2. I wanted buy the cheapest package which is Plan-1 at £5.99. My question is whether the £55 commission also applies to this Plan-1? Thanks. Awaiting your reply.

Their Reply:
Hi XXMYNAMEXX. Im sorry but the cashback offer is from V-Plan 2 upwards. In the merchant description it states that monthly plans start from £7.99 suggesting that the £5.99 package would not qualify for cashback. Kind regards, Mark

So Plan 1 which is referred to above does not qualify for the £55 cashback.
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