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Vonage £33 for the whole year or ££2.75 per month (Broadband required)
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Posted 26th Dec 2014Posted 26th Dec 2014
Vonage £33 for the whole year or ££2.75 per month (Broadband required)£125
Vonage are having an offer of £50 Gift Card with £10 or more packages. Also Topcashback are giving £42 cashback. This adds up to £50 + £42 = £92 £125 - £92 = £33 for the whole… Read more

Thanks, I already have the sim only.. I just can't find the access numbers!


You have to ring EE for SIM only deal. I am having £20 per month (1 year contract) including 2000min, 5GB data, Unlimited 08 numbers and text.


any links for the 08 numbers pls?


To call Pakistan from Vonage is really expenses. I got 2000min and 08 numbers free on my Mobile (£20 Sim only EE Network). I am using third party 08 numbers to call Pakistan from my Mobile. In other words, I am using my 2000 minutes to Call Pakistan from my Mobile by using 08 Free numbers. If you google on internet, you will find out many 08 chargeable number to call Pakistan but by using Mobile it will be free and you can call Pakistan from any where in UK. If you want your family will call you free, you can get another Vonage account and send the Vonage adapter to Pakistan. They will have their UK number and can call you free (Unlimited) but you have to pay £7 each packages. Sorry to say, mostly in Pakistan there is no gas and electricity so it will be hard to use Vonage there. Hopefully it will help?


I've been using this for a year on Virgin Media. Great service when your Ping is low. Had no line rental to pay to BT either :) Virginmedia are rumoured to be releasing a competitor to Vonage in 2015 an engineer told me.

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Posted 10th Nov 2014Posted 10th Nov 2014
I wanted to share with you a calling system that i have been using for a while, it is a telephone service that you can works via the internet (similar way to skype) however it is c… Read more

Go with talk talk they have 2 boosts for any international calls


It's an interesting deal for people with broadband from a cable company and no fixed telephone line. Vonage uses a VoIP system and other alternatives also exist. Some routers, such as Draytek, Fritz, have a VoIP function which can be used with a VoIP provider. The advantage of Vonage is that is tried and proven, the company has been around a long time, and their box just works. Whether is a "deal" as such, I suspect it depends on personal circumstances. For the avoidance of doubt, I use a different VoIP provider.


Someone asked if you have to pay for broadband with Vonage - I don't think they supply broadband as that was the reason I didn't take a phone package with them - I could not find any supplier of stand-alone broadband. Other cheap call alternatives which you can find online are 18185.com and TopUpNow.


Same set up as me. It has some nice features as well like emailing you your voicemail as a wav file and even transcribing voicemail for you (although this is pretty hit and miss, but it generally will give you the jist of the message even if some words are wrong).


i use sipgate with a linksys voip box... no monthly payment, payg definately cheaper than my mobile when i need to call a landline, and their prices aren't so bad for phoning outside the uk. any lengthy calls though and i use skype to skype. so cold for this, as i believe vonage boxes are locked and you can't use another voip service

Vonage - £40.40 cashback + £70 gift card
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Posted 22nd Feb 2014Posted 22nd Feb 2014
Vonage - £40.40 cashback + £70 gift card£10.20
I've just ordered a Vonage connection (free UK calls 24/7) + free international calls to 68 countries for £11.20 a month + £5 delivery for the Vonage box. Brilliant deal for me as… Read more
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£70 Amazon Gift Card with Vonage call plans from £6/month possible £40 TCB
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Posted 26th Nov 2013Posted 26th Nov 2013
£70 Amazon Gift Card with Vonage call plans from £6/month possible £40 TCB£6
Link : http://www.vonage.co.uk/promotion Sign up for a Vonage call plan and get a £70 gift card from over 100 retailers (full list http://www.ovationincentives.com/clients/vonage/… Read more
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I can't get the link to work

Vonage UNLIMITED UK Landline Calls, £6 P/Month + £50 Gift Card + £42 Topcashback!
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Posted 11th Oct 2013Posted 11th Oct 2013
Vonage UNLIMITED UK Landline Calls, £6 P/Month + £50 Gift Card + £42 Topcashback!£6
Had Vonage before, great deal and call quality is really good. £15 setup fees apply, but thats not bad that makes even the £9.60 plan cheaper than most line rentals and your getti… Read more

why was it cold??


T There is an app called MagicJack for free calls to US


I miss the free US calling via their app :(

BUY ANY VONAGE PLAN AND GET A GIFT CARD WORTH £70 Offer ends midnight 30th September 2013
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Posted 25th Sep 2013Posted 25th Sep 2013
BUY ANY VONAGE PLAN AND GET A GIFT CARD WORTH £70 Offer ends midnight 30th September 2013
Vonage offering your choice of Gift Card worth up to £70. With dozens of cards to choose from you'll get that perfect item for home, office or personal use - courtesy of Vonage. K… Read more

I got my £50 gift card. Nice deal with Quidco.

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Free Vonage Phone line for 1 year + unlim 01 02 03 calls!
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Posted 22nd Aug 2013Posted 22nd Aug 2013
Free Vonage Phone line for 1 year + unlim 01 02 03 calls!
Vonage have announced their new plans, however Quidco £40 is still in place. Stacked coupons: Quidco £40 all sales Vonage £20 Gift card (redeemable lots of places: http://www.ova… Read more
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Ah,I got my wires crossed....duh :p I hope the TV is still going strong :)


Plus £5 delivery and £10 activation from what i can see. Still a good deal if you make enough calls to warrant the monthly or annual fee


The £39.99 box is free.


Same as Vonage, it's a VOiP provider. Been using them for years, great quality and no contract http://www.sipgate.co.uk/


What is sip gate?

Spend £31 get £50 voucher plus possible £26.25 cashback @ vonage
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Posted 27th Jul 2013Posted 27th Jul 2013
Spend £31 get £50 voucher plus possible £26.25 cashback @ vonage£31
Cost £10 to activate £9 postage 3 months at £4 Sign up to any Vonage Plan before midnight, 30th July 2013 If you're still with us on 15th September 2013 we'll send you details of … Read more
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Nice one


Ahh it would appear there is a cancelation charge if you cancel within 12 months http://www.vonage.co.uk/call-plans/other-fees/ £24 so a complete waste of time :(

Join Vonage & upto £100 back
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Posted 6th Jul 2013Posted 6th Jul 2013
Join Vonage & upto £100 back£4.99
Back again, in a slightly different form. It depends on how you use your landline, if at all. 1 - Quidco Various cashback offers up to £60 2. Vonage Card Various offers up to … Read more
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"£25 for Vplan UK (3.99/mo for 30 mos then 5.99)" 30 months? should that not be 3 months? And dont forget the £23 setup fees. Cashback also available on TopCashBack Vonage have these cashback deals pretty much all the time, although £40 is highest I've seen. This sounds like a decent deal if you're after a new/additional landline as Vonage seems to be good quality and reliable but it's worth noting that Vonage after sales service, should you need it, does not get rated particularly highly.

Join Vonage and enjoy a shopping treat of your choice with a Gift Card worth £70.. plans from £5.99 (£3.99 first 3 months)
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Posted 25th Jun 2013Posted 25th Jun 2013
Join Vonage and enjoy a shopping treat of your choice with a Gift Card worth £70.. plans from £5.99 (£3.99 first 3 months)£5.99
Offer ends on 30th June 2013. Here's how it works Sign up to any Vonage Plan before midnight, 30th June 2013 If you're still with us on 1st August we'll send you details of our Vo… Read more
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Small print says it is not worth £70 - "*Instant Rebate condition: If you cancel your Vonage service after the Money Back Guarantee period and within 90 days of activating service, your account will be charged for the remaining balance of the equipment. The Money Back Guarantee applies to new customers and the first device only."

**FREE** NEW 2012 Vonage Mobile App For Iphone & Android! Talk and Text for FREE, Worldwide!
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Posted 13th Sep 2012Posted 13th Sep 2012
**FREE** NEW 2012 Vonage Mobile App For Iphone & Android! Talk and Text for FREE, Worldwide!
Ok this is a GREAT app since it's been updated. Say someone you know goes on holiday or you have friends or family abroad, they can call & text you using the hotels wifi for fr… Read more

This is just for those people who don't mind paying for calls/texts or too lazy to search for methods to call free. If you pay a monthly subscription, then the words FREE CALLS/TEXTS are obsolete! Now coming back to your query, compared to Viber - this is not much of a robust option! Firstly you pay to get Vonage credits whereas Viber/What's app are totally free for Android (What's app may need to purchased on iOS). Secondly you cant send photos, custom smilies, voice recordings, videos, etc etc. on Vonage as much as you could do with Viber and Whatsapp. So I am voting this cold. I never was a fan of these packages! There are many ways to call for less/free abroad. For example there is an app Magic Jack which allows you to make calls to USA and Canada for free. These softwares are rip off. In HUKD we find means to spend less and not new ways to spend! :) Cheers


You can place calls from your home country on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G or over Wi-Fi when traveling internationally. And, you can easily add calling credit at anytime in the app directly from Google Play or Apple Store.


Here is the DIRECT LINK to the app = http://www.vonagemobile.com/apps/vonage-mobile-app.php


How does it compare to Viber?

Join between now and 31st March and get a Free £20 John Lewis Voucher @ Vonage
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Posted 21st Mar 2012Posted 21st Mar 2012
Join between now and 31st March and get a Free £20 John Lewis Voucher @ Vonage
Plans start from as little as £3.99 per month for 3 months, with a 30 day money back guarantee. **Ending midnight 31st March 2012 new customers who subscribe to Vonage and stay fo… Read more

oO Well spotted. Always best to thoroughly check these type of 'deals' before posting


* For cancellation after the 30 day Money Back Guarantee period and within 90 days from the date of purchase you will also be charged a fee equivalent to the equipment subsidy given to you on purchase. View our full terms of service here. They would charge £39.99 if you cancel within 90 days. TopCashBack is £25.25 on the cheapest plan.

Vonage mobile offering free unlimited* USA/Canada/Puerto Rico calls (limited time)
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Posted 22nd Feb 2012Posted 22nd Feb 2012
Vonage mobile offering free unlimited* USA/Canada/Puerto Rico calls (limited time)
Hello, the app is free and at the moment you get unlimited (well 3000 minutes) even without subscription. Also if the other person has same app you can call and text each other tot… Read more

havent been able to set mine up apparently some issues their end https://forums.vonage.com/showthread.php?t=4694


old deal got it other month when it was advertised on here


check this direct link below which gives all details and free calling - http://www.vonagemobile.com/apps/vonage-mobile-app.php


please point out where it says free to P.Rico calls , thanks



FREE Unlimited call to all Facebbok friends around the world !
Posted 26th Jan 2012Posted 26th Jan 2012
FREE Unlimited call to all Facebbok friends around the world !
Vonage app for Facebook allows you to call your friends using facebook, all over the world for free. But, they have to have vonage for facebook app installed in their smart phone … Read more
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So basically it uses your facebook contacts as an address book? rubbish app. Use the damn landline more people. Or better yet get a propper VOIP phone, cut out the middle man.


The hell with Facebook!


And then facebook will probably keep a log of all your friends numbers to add to all the personal information they already have! Thanks but no thanks.


I don't think there's much point in going through facebook when you can already do it through things like Viber or even Skype


Only 15 mins free there after if will take money off your iTunes account. Don't know if that a one time 15 min free or per call 15 min free. Hmmm cannot decide hot or not.:|

Join Vonage between now and January 31st and get a Free £20 John Lewis Voucher
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Posted 23rd Jan 2012Posted 23rd Jan 2012
Join Vonage between now and January 31st and get a Free £20 John Lewis Voucher
Useful if you were thinking of signing up with them New customers receive a £20 John Lewis Voucher. (ends Jan 2012) INCLUDED - 30-day Money Back Guarantee. INCLUDED - 20 features … Read more

TWO FREE VONAGE MONTHS FOR THE FIRST EXISTING Vonage CUSTOMER TO CONTACT ME ASAP! (PM) Also, why is this expired? The offer is still on till tomorrow, 29 Feb!


I see Vonage are also offering decent quidco returns for next 7 days : £38.50 for V-Plan UK sales £70 for V-Plan 4i sales £55 for V-Plan 2 and 3 sales Potential for £15.53 profit on V-Plan UK


I've been with Vonage about a year now and have no complaints on 10mb Virgin Cable, used to be with talk talk and my bills are roughly half to two thirds less per month than they were with them. They transported my number across for me, after quidco was paid I basically had a free switch. Getting Talk Talk to disconnect my line that was no longer used for calls and no longer had a number to receive calls on was a whole different matter! 4 months and an FOI request for call transcripts later I had a full refund of line rental charges and quick disconnection :-)


I don't trust companies that cannot spell. Destinations Included Unlimited Calls1 Money Back Guarentee 20+ Call Features


danz1234 must have been new (_;) ------------------ Activation fee £9.99 1st month of chosen call plan value £3.99 Equipment FREE Delivery charge £8.99 Total £22.97 ------------------ I prefer sipgate.co.uk or skype

UK unlimited calls to landlines £5.99 PM @ Vonage ( LANDLINE NOT NEEDED)
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Posted 1st Mar 2011Posted 1st Mar 2011
UK unlimited calls to landlines £5.99 PM @ Vonage ( LANDLINE NOT NEEDED)£5.99
Entry Level Plan Unlimited‡ calls to UK landlines Cheap international rates for calls to landlines and mobiles outside V-Plan UK Unlimited Vonage-to-Vonage calls Ship a Vonage phon… Read more
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I couldn't work out if your avatar was a bum or boobs at first glance. Hadn't realised how similar they were lol :D


Remember you can also use it over mobile networks that you might already have a free usage internet on or wifi; you might even have it as a second phone and plug it up at your work on their internet. I guess It just depends what type of user you are as to whether its worth while. But yeah I agree with you... I think its a rubbish deal.. If you are going down the IP phone network route, its best to obviously have a cable (broadband only) package from virgin and to use skype its way more flexible plus theirs allot more cross platform usage.


I had Vonage when it first came out, if I remember right they palmed me off with a black and orange D-link router that would never hold its settings and left my connection and local network vulnerable to hackers, as it constantly lost its security encryption settings on the WIFI and constant defaulted back to its factory password. They are rubbish, their customer service is rubbish too.


Agreed - you can only avoid the landline if you're on cable. I used to use Vonage when I had cable, but when you have to factor in the landline cost (where cable isn't available) there are much cheaper deals out there.


Yeah virgin brings broadband into your home via 75ohm coaxial cable, normally the same cable they use on your Cable TV boxes, or like your TV Ariel cable. I think they also offer certain customers ADSL broadband over BT telephone lines, but thats to customers that do not have access to cable exchanges or possible just business customers; im not 100% on that.

Call facebook friends for free from iPhone or Android.
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Posted 6th Aug 2010Posted 6th Aug 2010
Call facebook friends for free from iPhone or Android.
Make your voice heard on Facebook® with the new Vonage Mobile™ app for your mobile device. Call or IM anywhere in the world for FREE with a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Learn how you… Read more
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I agree this risbridger, it does work perfectly... Heat added, i downloaded when it was out, but forgot to leve a comment :O


Hi I am interested in this application but not able to find it (download it) on the link, i got htc wildfire and according to link i can find in market thing, but its not there please help, any expert, i am new and do not know much about these applications


works really well. you need a set of headphones with a mic to make it work on a ipod touch and a ipad, very clever and you dont need to give your phone number up. It all works by your friends having the app on there devices. You can also facebook chat mates who dont have the app too, worth a download and it's all free which is great, been using it for a few weeks just trying to get all my mates on it!


thanks, just downloaded. hopefully people are willing to use it!


Vonage is another type of skype/voip system

India landline & mobile call unlimited - £18.99 / month @ Vonage
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Posted 8th Nov 2009Posted 8th Nov 2009
India landline & mobile call unlimited - £18.99 / month @ Vonage£18.99
Call india & other 35 countries including uk unlimited £60 quideco or Refer friend and get 3 months free only required internet connection No need Bt line 12 month minimum c… Read more

mate use a cobra calling card 1800 mins for a fiver:-D


fair usage policy apply ... 2000 min is the limit. Its good for people like me who spend more than 150£ per quarter on calling to india using 0844 numbers..




What do you mean. Vonage is not a family businees run by some guy. This is Ny registerd Intl Phone company, its not their fault that you haven't heard about it... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vonage Please update yourself before accusing some one on a public forum.


This totally different from what skype offers...you don't a need a pc with vonage, plug into a broadband router and you are ready to go. and you can plug in any standard phone to this adapter no vonage certified or ip phones required. It comes with lot of calling features which most other providers classify as premium and charges a fee. And the call quality is excellent too.

UNLIMITED CALLS to INDIA landlines & mobiles
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Posted 5th Nov 2009Posted 5th Nov 2009
UNLIMITED CALLS to INDIA landlines & mobiles£18.99
V-Plan 4i includes unlimited calls to landlines & mobiles in India and 35 other countries
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This maybe a good deal for UNLIMITED calls to India and 36 other countries with Quidco & refer a friend. ]Quidco pays £60 for any V-Plan package!!! PLUS if you get referred by an exisiting Vonage customer, you both get 1st 3 months free (saving £18.99 x 3 =£56.97) So with Quidco + Refer a friend it works out to be free account for 6 months! or £110.91 per year or £9.24 pm plus installation & activation * line activation: £9.99 * equipment: free, or up to £29.99 * equipment delivery: £8.99


or 18185 for 4p per minute India landlines and mobiles, 0.5p per min USA landlines and mobiles, without any commitment, pay for what you use. And they're probably not the cheapest carrier.


that website says virtually nothing about their service, prices etc. Seems like you have to pay to top-up with minutes, by calling premium rate no's etc, so hardly free.


i get free calls to IOL.............. "hello and how may i help you enhance your AOL online experience today"................i never come off the phone thing "wow they were helpful"


Ahem... Vonage: One off set-up fees * line activation: £9.99 * equipment: free, or up to £29.99 * equipment delivery: £8.99 Not free then

£72 Quidco Cashback for any V-Plan (Vonage) package - Free equipment also available! - from 5.99 a month
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Posted 10th Sep 2009Posted 10th Sep 2009
£72 Quidco Cashback for any V-Plan (Vonage) package - Free equipment also available! - from 5.99 a month£5.99
Unlimited calls to UK landlines 20 inclusive features We include as standard: voicemail, call waiting, caller display, call diversion, three-way calling, 1471, ring back, internat… Read more

yes, you just use similar equipment that vonage would send you to connect to their service. If you are interested, I am selling a Dlink VTA which was from vonage but is now unlocked so will work with any provider.


There are VOIP solutions with the PC off.


I was looking at joining vonage, do the other cheaper voip deals you mention work with your PC turned off?


beware of other terms and conditions such as early disconect fees etc. not as great as it looks, cheaper voip deals out there.