VonHaus Air Purifier £49.99 @ Domu

VonHaus Air Purifier £49.99 @ Domu

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Found 10th May
Noticed this has dropped in price and seems to be great value for the feature set. I don't think it looks too bad either, and shouldn't be an eyesore like some models can be.


Take a breath of fresh air indoors by removing 99% of the potentially harmful airborne bacteria. This clever device can be used to improve air quality for the whole family.

The two-stage filtration system, although invisible makes a drastic impact on the air in the vicinity, so you can enjoy healthier, cleaner air.

How It Works

Carbon Filter – air enters through the front cover of the air purifier into the carbon filter, this removes chemical pollutants like, smoke, odour, benzene, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds from the air.

HEPA Filter – sitting behind the carbon filter, the HEPA filter effectively removes small particles of dust and bacteria invisible to the naked eye.

The clean air is then expelled upwards through the grill on the top of the housing – releasing clean, fresh, healthy, breathable air.

At just 39 x 37cm – this system will fit neatly on a worksurface or piece of furniture. The low noise function also helps it go unnoticed wherever you choose to place it.

The integrated timer allows you to select 2, 4 or 8-hour operation – great if you simply want to remove an odour or want to control your energy usage.

Anion Button

The anion button releases IONS that have a negative charge; they attract dust particles which then causes the particle to become heavy and fall to surfaces, this is then removed when you dust.

Filter Change Indicator

When your filter needs replacing an LED light will illuminate on your device as a signal. Easy to follow guidelines on how to do this are included in your instruction manual.

Find replacement filters for your VonHaus Air Purifier using product code 14-095.


Purification efficiency (CADR): 125 CFM

Size: 39 X 37 X 20cm (Height X Width X Depth)

Weight: 5kg

Power: 60W

Cable Length: 1.5m

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Sorry I pressed cold instead of heat
Voted hot . My dessicant dehumidifier has built in purifier.
replacement filters are a bit steep at £22.99
Whats the running cost of these ?
Looks very similar to the Vax AP02 - Maybe just rebranded?

The Vax one is good - we use it to keep check of the insane amount of hair/dander our dog sheds.
adamspencer9554 m ago

replacement filters are a bit steep at £22.99

Super misleading mate. These last between 6-12 months each. Please don't mislead the users here without stating how long they last before they need a replacement.
LewsTherin1 h, 28 m ago

Super misleading mate. These last between 6-12 months each. Please don't …Super misleading mate. These last between 6-12 months each. Please don't mislead the users here without stating how long they last before they need a replacement.

Actually he is quite correct, the price is a bit steep for a 6 month replacement filter; many others are washable and/or 12-18 month replacement, and come in at a similar price to this.

What concerns me is that I cannot find a review for this; all the reviews are for an older model that Amazon sell for ~£60 inc p&p. That version has a decent rep, although it was naughty in saying several filters were permanent, when actually they need regular replacing to maintain efficiency.

Overall though, worth a punt; I have several VonHaus products, they have all been excellent value and well built.
i want to buy but cant find any review
So I've just had delivery of mine today and it's faulty. Makes a slight rattle when on. When on standby the fan doesn't go off and makes a humming noise. Spoke to their customer support on phone ...was told they'll arrange pickup tomorrow but no confirmation. Got on to their chat where they asked if I could arrange for a pickup which I declined then they said they'd send me a returns label via email. Got the email but without a label. Instead it asks when I'd like the pickup ...couldn't they ask me over the chat ?!

Will aim for a refund based on product and company.
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