VonHaus Triple Desk Mount Bracket  £23 delivered @ Amazon and sold by Designer Habitat

VonHaus Triple Desk Mount Bracket £23 delivered @ Amazon and sold by Designer Habitat

Found 5th Jan 2014
Desktop screen mount can hold three 15"-24" TVs or monitors

i was looking for a stand, looks like the cheapest on market, mixed reviews
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OK if you are wanting an excuse to upgrade your monitors - as going by the number of reviews sayings its weak and flimsy it seems your monitors may not have a long lifespan if you use this.
I'd suggest not looking for cheapest on the market, the negative reviews carry more weight with me than the positive. I can see a couple of weak points just looking at the photo.
- A grub screw can't be expected to hold fast on the pole (grub screws also cause wear when adjusted)
- One screw on the clamp isn't enough, two are required to stop twisting forces cause slackness to creep in

I don't mean to hijack your thread but there are very good stands similar to this available right now in dual, triple and quad form. Granted the prices have gone up a few quid but they're still great deals with the possible exception of the dual stand whose price is historically (and currently) higher than the triple!

Apologies again for hijacking but I can see this stand not doing the job for very long and the Lavolta ones are very sturdy.
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Bought a couple of these before Xmas (for work) managed to break one of the clamps screw threads when tightening it, obviously don't know my own strength!
Its cheap but I would buy it and mod it myself to make it stronger.
Careful with this. I was interested in it and trawled through the usual drivel of reviews until I got to an interesting one - a chap says you can only mount x3 monitors if 2 are side by side and the other on top in a "pyramid" format. This is no good if you want a "3d" monitor setup like this [ ][ ][ ]
Quality is everything on these. Get it wrong and they either bounce, sag or break.
If you can mod it to make it more robust, this looks like it might be good for 3 x old 17" 4:3 monitors through a triplehead or something. It looks like you could have them in sequence by dropping the middle bracket down to meet the arms. Anything wider would probably force the monitors to face outwards.
i received this item and i think is good, aslong as you dont jump up and down on ya screen mounts with ya moniters mounted on its sound, i have had it up for over a week and its solid with 3 27" led screens :P
Received mine today , really good quality and quite steady .Have mounted my two 22 inch Dell Monitors and will
probably mount a 3rd 20 inch on top . Really happy with the quality and also saving money from other expensive mounts .
The guys in the office have order another 3 today and are looking for extra screens to mount on ....
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This mount positions 3 monitors into a pyramid shape, with the centre monitor higher than the left and right.

^ Visible at the very end of product description, make sure that is what you want!
Now gone up so expired.
back down to 18.99
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