VOXI - Endless Social, Video & Music Pass (for 6 months) for Under 25s [30 day rolling plan]

VOXI - Endless Social, Video & Music Pass (for 6 months) for Under 25s [30 day rolling plan]

Found 6th Jan
Voxi (sub-brand of Vodafone) is a sim-only network aimed at people aged 25 & under. They are now offering unlimited (endless) data on video and music streaming apps like Netflix, Youtube, Prime, Spotify, Apple Music etc. on top of what they already offer (endless social data on apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat). Any other apps or internet usage will be taken from your plan. It also comes with unlimited minutes and texts. It's a 30 day rolling plan so you can cancel anytime.

Plans are (incl. unlimited mins/text and passes):
£10 - 2GB
£15 - 5GB
£20 - 15GB

I don't know if this is specific but when I signed up today I got told that I got endless data until the 12th of February as well

You'll have to remember to cancel the Video & Music Pass after 6 months or you'll be charged £9 for Video Pass and £5 for Music Pass per month.

You also get a free phone case when you sign up.

Things to clarify:
- You are not getting subscriptions to these video and music services, you are getting endless data to use these apps.
- It's only for Under 25s.
- Video streaming apps may show as SD instead of the highest quality given.

Please no referrals.
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I got sent this earlier and I have been a member of Vodafone for a few years now, and as it states under 25 not sure I would personally do it as you aren’t exactly getting anything I have a data plan of 30gb a month with an iPhone 7 unlimited mins and texts for less than £40 a month
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