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Posted 15 November 2022

Free 6 Months of Unlimited Music Streaming for Existing Customers & New Customers @ Voxi

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Voxi are currently doing a promotion for existing customers where you can add their unlimited music pass free for 6 months.


You can also take out a new deal if you're not currently a customer for 15gb of data with the 6 months free thrown in.

The pass gives you zero-rated access to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Napster and Primordial Radio
Voxi More details at Voxi
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So I think a pretty nice offering from Voxi, get streaming for 6 months without eating into your package, as well as the other offer of unlimited social media, and unlimited video (on certain tariffs) this is for new and existing customers, and will be charged at £5pm after the initial period, so best to set yourself a reminder.

VOXI’s Unlimited Music gives you free music streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Napster and Primordial Radio, without eating any of your data.

This offer is available to new and existing customers. New customers must opt-in to Unlimited Music when purchasing a new plan and existing customers must opt-in via My Account. After 6 months, Unlimited Music will be charged at £5/month. Customers can opt-out and cancel at any time through My Account. If you no longer wish to benefit from Unlimited Music after the free period, you must opt-out before the end of the 6 months to avoid being charged £5/month.

The above will be on top of their existing sim plans below, and may apply to any potential BF sim offers they may have down the line:

Unlimited Video
Using TikTok, YouTube Shorts, YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, My5, TVPlayer, UKTV Play and Twisted Mirror won’t use up your data – as long as you’ve got an active plan with some data left on it.

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  1. Avatar
    Just had it added manually by web chat. Now appears as an addon on my account.
  2. Avatar
    Oh FFS, just moved to Lebara.
    Same - but I'd rather have included EU roaming and international calls over 6 months of free music streaming.
  3. Avatar
    My usage never changes always 25gb free and ai use data all the time
  4. Avatar
    Site is working again but you still can’t add the pass yet and trying to get any sense out of them is like trying to get blood out of a stone
  5. Avatar
    Now working
  6. Avatar
    Can confirm this is now working. Don't forget to cancel before the 6 months is up unless you plan on paying to continue with the service
  7. Avatar
    How do existing customers get it?
    Log in to your account and go to the main "My Account" page. Scroll right down to the bottom and you'll see this. Click "Add Pass" and you're good to go.

  8. Avatar
    Seems greyed out for me. Could it be account specific?
    Click on it and you can then add it...
    Mine was the same
  9. Avatar
    Not working
  10. Avatar
    I can see it but when I try to add it comes up with a payment issue error ... I've no payment issues as money came out just this week!
    Yeah i'm getting this as well. I'm starting to have a sinking feeling it might either be a glitch or it's not gone fully live yet.

    I'm on with possibly the most useless live chat person in existence but he knows about as much as a brick.
  11. Avatar
    Asked me to change my payment method from PayPal or it wouldn't work.
    I tried and it still isn’t working, is it now working for you?
  12. Avatar
    I've asked Captain Crackhead to verify the offer on their FAQ page so I'm waiting for him to come back to me.

    I've just added a second payment method as well and it's still giving me an error. GGGRRRRRRRR (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Confirmation the offer is real - there just seems to be an issue getting it added

  14. Avatar
    Also stating problem with payment method for me.
    Some plans aren’t comparable which is why there is a payment error message:
  15. Avatar
    Finally an answer from someone with a brain - they are currently "having their system updated" so I suspect it might be worth trying later on or tomorrow.

    The main site is even down for maintenance now as well. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    We're doing some work behind the scenes.We'll be back up soon.

    Been saying this for me since yesterday?
    Same here. I've been checking regularly and it's still down. I suspect you'll be able to add the pass once it's back up.
  17. Avatar
    Yeah same I’ve been checking since you posted this last night. Hopefully its not limited to a certain amount of customer
    I’ll be bloody annoyed if it is. I’m out and about today and won’t get a lot of chances to check if it’s back up.

    I’ve been wondering if they’ll finally use the music pass for Black Friday offers as well. Their offers for the past two years have been laughably poor.
  18. Avatar
    Give me a year for £20 and I'll come back from Lebara
  19. Avatar
    Well the Twitter support person is claiming they’ve added it manually to my account but also they the site is still being updated.

    I’ll leave it a few hours and check again but if anyone wants to go for it and contact them directly then you might be lucky.
  20. Avatar
    Got promo added but anyone knows how to get the specific streamer
    What do you mean “specific streamer” ?
  21. Avatar
    Mine has been added for 30 days apparently and I’m supposed to opt in to the full offer at the next billing cycle so I suppose I’m getting 7 months for the price of 6 !
    Did you get any link to choose your music app?
  22. Avatar
    Get this when I try to claim the offer

    If you read the thread, it’s the same error as everyone else - even me.

    They claim it’s because the site is still being updated
  23. Avatar
    Still can't get this. I clicked add pass, it then says enter password and never goes past that page to confirm you have it. What a mess, but not surprised with Voxi, they seem to make a lot of mess ups since launch (edited)
    What makes it worse is that a lot of their live chat and Twitter people don’t seem to have been told about the promotion either so they’re giving out incorrect information and telling people they’re not eligible.

    Try going via Twitter and dm’ing them. Tell them you can’t add it and ask if they can manually add it - have the link to the T’s & C’s ready to show them as well.

    They’ve added it on for me for a month and told me to try and opt in to it at the end of my billing period. Hopefully if it’s been fixed by then it’s going to mean we’ll have it for 7 months instead of 6
  24. Avatar
    Couldn't add to account myself, opened webchat and the support added the 6 months to my account with no issues.

    Maybe worth trying again for those who have had issues previously.
    Does it actually say 6 months on your account page though ?
  25. Avatar
    The option to add it is now outright missing
    What a bloody shambles. Makes me wonder if it’s a Black Friday offer that’s accidentally leaked ?
  26. Avatar
    Check your out account, mines been unlimited for a year (12gb tariff) my data doesn’t go down, they stop these offers to link your account and start counting data again
  27. Avatar
    I can also confirm it's still working as I opted in to the full 6 month free plan this morning. This is after getting the free month last month due to the botched launch