Vpn Hosts (no root) app @ Google Play

Vpn Hosts (no root) app @ Google Play

Found 16th Jul 2017
Vpn Hosts app helping developers customized hosts(system-etc-hosts) File on no root android devices.


1,Use Hosts File on android devices with out root.So that can custom domain name 
resolution records.
2,support wildcard DNS records.

If you do any kind of web development work, you've probably had to modify your computer's hosts file from time to time. If you're not familiar with it, the hosts file is a list of IP addresses and their assigned hostnames. Modifying the actual hosts file on Android requires root access, but this tool uses Android's VPN API to achieve the same functionality. - Android Police

* Sale ends in 6 days
* Originally £1.49
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Only released this week and 71 votes? Dubious
Use DNS66 instead.
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