VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for $39 (£31.20) @ Android Central

VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for $39 (£31.20) @ Android Central

Found 16th Feb 2017
***Price has now increased to $39, but still a good deal. Today only***

Stumbled upon this the other day - $29 for VPN unlimited lifetime subscription. Includes servers in 35 different countries and allows for Torrenting too. Has generally good reviews online and has Android and iPhone apps - in this day and age we should all be thinking about VPNs to protect ourselves from the government's snooping! Other VPNs (e.g. PIA) cost this amount for a year, so for a lifetime this seems like a good deal.
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i bought the lifetime service last year. i've got it installed on my dekstop and phone and no complaints so far, although, to be fair, I don't use it all that often.

One interesting snippet though is that i found out that using the VPN actually, more often than not, bypasses SSE's evening throttling on their fibre network.

It doesn't always work, but on the odd occasion i've needed it, i've usally chosen the belgian server and gotten a solid 8mb or 9mb download speed.
I have this. I'm using it now. I got it from Stacksocial with an extra 10% off in Dec, so around £18. Ok so far.
VPNs for security are great if you can trust the other end of your connection. That's the kicker. Signing up for a VPN service from "WeRobYouBlind.com" would be a bad idea for instance.
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Tbh, I'm always suspicious of these "unlimited" and "lifetime" deals. Yeah the profit margins are relatively high, but if you're pumping a few hundred gigabytes of traffic/month through it it won't take long before they're taking a hit, and I have a feeling you'd just be cut off.
It's $39 ??
Showing as $39

It's $39 ??

You're right - the price has increased since I posted! Will update the post.
Just remember that "lifetime" refers to the life of the product, not the life of the user.
And if the owner is heavily discounting a product, that "lifetime" probably won't be very long.
Got it down to $31 by buying the VPN lifetime + todo list manager for $35, then used the 10% promo code I got for signing up to the news letter

The lifetime of the company or service....... ie - could be any timeframe

After the slysoft debacle - 'lifetime' subs can go & do one (_;)

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Upgrade to VPN Unlimited: Infinity Plan Only $14.99

Take Lifetime, Make It Infinity with This Cost-Effective Upgrade


Yep, don't fall for the lifetime guarantee.... it's pretty much a worthless promise or statement. Lifetime of their product may be 6 months then they bring out a new version, or the company goes broke, or they just decide they want more money and change their terms and conditions. It's basically marketing bull plop
Bought one of these the other week, cant remember if its this one or one of the 1000 thats out there.
Its definitely not unlimited.
Complained and got a refund
No mention of Logs or lack of. You buy a VPN for security and anonymity primarily

check out alternatives here: torrentfreak.com/vpn…20/

I use PIA its great

No mention of Logs or lack of. You buy a VPN for security and anonymity … No mention of Logs or lack of. You buy a VPN for security and anonymity primarily check out alternatives here: https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-anonymous-review-160220/I use PIA its great

From the site you just linked...

VPN Unlimited

We keep the statistics about the traffic each of users’ device processed. Users’ can find this information in the statistics from within the app. The data is retained for 7 days.

We do not provide information about our customers to copyright holders or other third parties.

Also, users can check our transparency report on the site to see whether we received any inquiries from the government or not. The report is available at: keepsolid.com/tra…ncy

To this date, we have not received any court notices, therefore, no actions were taken. As we do not log any of the customers’ information or session data.
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