Vtech bus with phonics £6 sainsburys purley way

Vtech bus with phonics £6 sainsburys purley way

Found 13th Jul 2014Made hot 13th Jul 2014
Vtech bus with phonics 6£ sainsburys purley way


How much does it say it was on the ticket

what was the full price on it? think Im seeing something weird.....?

£19399 apparently! Great deal then!

Bargain considering the original price

the orignal price is £19.99

Bargain ! Really good toy. Worth double that. Would recommend. Heat!

Great. Home bargains ha it for 12.99 or more i think.

Heat for the deal, but the songs the bus plays will drive you insane

Fab toy and well worth it at that price, we bought it three years ago and our 5 yr old still loves it, but yes the tunes will drive you absolutely bonkers!!
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