Vtech first steps walker £9.99 at B & M bargains

Vtech first steps walker £9.99 at B & M bargains

Found 21st Jan 2018
Found in the Lancaster store
usually £20+


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Absolutely bargain, only 1 left when I went there. Thank you for sharing, Hot... Hot
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Bargain!! op you the best xx
Great price! good spot @cazi77
Decent paid 5 quid 2nd hand!
Right next to the Smirnoff vodka... because you’ll need one after listening to this toy hour after hour! Lol Heat added, this is a bargain. I remember paying £25. For one of these.
Heat added because it's a great deal. In my experience, however, 75% of all parents will buy one of these for their kids - why not save another few pounds of plastic going into landfill and try and find one on your local Gumtree or Facebook selling page?

We paid a fiver for our (basically new) one.
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