VTech Innotab 7-inch Max £51.09 @ amazon

VTech Innotab 7-inch Max £51.09 @ amazon

Found 21st Nov 2015
This looks like a good deal, available in blue or pink.

Yes, you can buy a cheap tablet instead but this looks perfect for my 4 year old. I bought him a cheap tablet but it constantly updates and things pop up over his games which cause frustration. I hope this will be a bit more child friendly with games like paw patrol etc
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My 3 year olds got the innotab 3 (1 below this 1) and its fab! Got parent locks on so dont have to worry what she clicks on! Smyths are good for games for these too... Usually find them half price
My boy keeps stealing my phone to take selfies so the hope is that he uses this instead :-)
Get an Amazon Fire Kids Tablet, cant go wrong

Get an Amazon Fire Kids Tablet, cant go wrong

Can you get it for £50 and get games like paw patrol? If so I may cancel my order
50 no, paw patrol yes. It comes with 2 year warranty even for accidental damage, kids case and 1 years subscription to free apps games and movies/episodes. Usually around £99 but has been on sale recently for £79
Good to have options
I bought my boy an innotab and he's never bothered with it. He loves my kindle though!
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