VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera - Pink  £36.64 delivered at Amazon

VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera - Pink £36.64 delivered at Amazon

Found 8th Jun 2009
VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera RRP: £49.99 Price: £36.64

Product Features

* Sturdy, easy-to-use digital camera for kids
* Takes pictures, captures video; features viewfinder, flash and 1.8-inch colour LCD screen
* Links to TV or PC via included cables
* Includes in-built games that can be played on the move or via a TV
* Stores images on SD cards to 2 GB (memory card not included; 16 MB internal memory included)
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good price but i have the blue one for my son and i have to say i dont rate it all that much you are prob better off buying them a cheap digital camera i appreciate about the build of it in case the kids drop it but i dont think it worth the money good find though and others may think differently voted hot
as a 1st camera it's great - agreed the quality of the pics isn't brilliant but i can't imagine a cheap digicamera lasting long with my tribe
why not to buy a cheaper original one. Kids nowadays are smart enough to handle a camera
this is built to take alot of abuse that young children will put it through.
I bought one of these for christmas for my 4yr old daughter, read rubbish reviews on it and wished i hadnt bought it, but she loves it and so does her 3yr old brother. the pictures are poor quality but she isnt bothered about that especially as shes taking pictures of the floor and the tv etc.... they love taking videos of each other with it and there are also a few games on for them. i think for this age group its perfect, its been dropped several times and is still going strong. for them its more of a toy than a camera and yes a cheap quality camera would take better pictures, but with them being able to take videos as well i think its much better for this age.
I find it really annoying that nobody, well last time I looked, does a "real" camera for kids.

The quality of cheap digicams has come on massively in the past few years but the quality of these kids cams seems stuck back in 2003. I would pay three times the price of this, or maybe even more, for a camera that was tough, very very easy to use and "indestructible" but actually took pictures worthy of printing. The spec wouldn't have to be massive, just point-and-shoot fixed focus, but fast, have good optical and low light performance and a decent resolution. Oh well guess it will never happen or by the time it does my kids will be buying me cameras.
Fantastic price for this.

My girl and boy have one each. We have alot of children come into our house, and not all of them are very careful. I don't have to worry that one of their presents is going to be destroyed because of other children's carelessness.

It doesn't only offer camera and video - there are games and you can add hats, goggles and other features to pictures you have taken which makes the camera great fun for kids.

My 6 year old son absolutely loved it, and My 3 year old even manages to take her own photos. It's going to last them a few years .
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