Vtech kidizoom smart watch £14.63 @ Asda instore

Vtech kidizoom smart watch £14.63 @ Asda instore

Found 17th Nov 2014
First post....
Find this in my local asda, £29.99 reduced to £14.63.
Don't know if anywhere else as this was the only one, but worth a look
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Thanks for your deal. I've added the price to your title for you
anybody else can confirm if national ?
still showing at 29.99 online
What store?
Brighton marina,
Anyone seen in any north east?

"Vtech kidizoom" sounds like Hebrew
Great first post! Heat added!
Were there many watches there? Tempted to go tomorrow morning!
Could someone please confirm if this national or not, thank you,
Great deal as a first post - pity you missed all the important details (like title, price and store). I'll give it heat though!
Thanks for the heat, I have put the price, title of what it is and where I found it, is that not done right??

This was the only one, wanted to share in case someone else might find one in asda too.
Oh poo, was in Brighton marina asda yesterday!
these look good. I'll wait till after Christmas to grab one though as Santa is already bringing lots. let me know if they're any good
not online but worth going in to have a look as i have reserved one at argos for 29.99. thanks
Good deal if you can find it at that price £29.99 in smyths but I had a £6 off voucher if I find it in my local asda mine will be going back to smyths
It's still £29.99 in my local asda :-(
Gd price as I paid £21.99 from amazon. heat added
Find this in my local asda

Find this in my local asda

Which store? And selling for how much?
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