Vtech My First Phone £4.25 instore @ Boots

Vtech My First Phone £4.25 instore @ Boots

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VTECH My First Phone only 4.25 in Boots stores but 17 on Boots.com. Bougth one from my local Boots store 2 days ago for 4.25 and returned the Boots.com one as it was 17.


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Sorry, new member and my first time to post so don't know how to get the url working. However deal is not online and you have to visit a Boots shop that sells toys to take advantage of it.


Thanks for posting and welcome to HUKD. I have added an image to your post, although I am guessing that this is the correct image. It's useful to give as much info as possible so people know what the deal is.
This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail. It’s worth taking a look at if you are going to post more deals in future : - hotukdeals.com/ite…hr/
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bargain if anyone can get one!

what store did you get it from?

good deal as retail at £17 online - bummer that im too lazy to go to boots

going to have a look inm y local boots tmos (well today now lol ) thanks op h&R added

Geat5 little toy for xmas, going to check my store in wrexham today will let you know if they have stock.

Thanks, going to check my local, but no doubt they won't have anything as usual :roll:

iphone killer !!

so go on whos going to be the first to crack the standard "has it got 3g" post

Nice price, shame I checked this post AFTER coming back from BOOTS and now its shut due to the pathetic 4pm shops close rule....when will shops be allowed to open till late like some other countries!!

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Thanks for adding the photograph Andy, that is indeed the Vtech phone in question. I was in the Southend Royals Boots today and they had run out of this toy. It may be displayed with a 17 price tag but comes up as 4.25 at the till. I bought mine in East London on Friday evening. They had quite a few in Lakeside last week but I don't know what their stock levels are now.

Voted COLD as there are no details of the monthly tariffs. Please make your posts more comprehensive in future.

is it also 3 4 2?

Sometimes the toy clearance deals are store specific - I got a train last year for a couple of quid, but it didn't work properly, so returned it and because it was a different store that hadn't had it on clearance, they gave me £15 back on a gift card! Wasn't going to bother returning it for such a small amount, but was glad I did!

None at Boot in wrexham (plas coch) tried today.

none in 3 of my local stores. Cant see why its so hot if none are available

There were some in uxbridge today but rung up at the till as £17 so it is definetly a localised deal.
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