Vtech Pink first steps baby walker £6.50 @ Tesco instore

Vtech Pink first steps baby walker £6.50 @ Tesco instore

Found 6th Sep 2014
Vtech pink first steps baby walker £6.50 in Tesco Leigh,Lancashire. Did not have a yellow sticker to show it was reduced just the normal one. Neutral baby walker (red and blue) was still priced at £27.00 in the toy isle as normal. Can upload receipt picture tomorrow.



**** paid £13 for this last week.

This really helped my daughter walk when she was a baby, I can still remember the tune, twinkle twinkle little star, super fast! used to do my head in! she loved it though, worth every penny even at full price. This is a complete bargain!

The tune is annoying as hell but little toddlers love it. Bargain!

hot as hell cos u normally cant get this cheaper than £20.00!!

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I have a picture if the receipt how can I upload it?

I so badly want one for my daughter! !!!!

Bought it from Tesco last week for £20 because that was the cheapest I could find.


I have a picture if the receipt how can I upload it?

have you got a barcode number to look for?
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Can you get this in any tesco store?

hi can someone confirm this in sheffield tesco plz?
have anyone been there in sheffield? will be grateful thanks

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Yes will post barcode shortly it's still in my car it wasn't a pricing error as it was marked at this price not sure if they were just clearing the pink stock as the other was still full price

Great price! I paid £6 for my sons one at a carboot sale, second hand.


I got one last week was 13 which I thought was a bargain, this is a brillant bargain

heat added...amazing price

heat added.

How can i order this vtech furst punk baby walker
when i go to tesco website it on full prize plz any one sent me the link plz

Can I order this online ? as our tesco has at full price .

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I found it in store don't think it's national

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Don't think it is an online deal

none available at the beckton extra store.

I saw some in tesco hartlepool on Friday but didn't notice a price but for some reason they had about 4 on the bottom shelf with the last of the garden stuff

this is local.... in ashford price is the same as online

Got the last one in kids clearance at Cumbernauld Tesco. Scanned at £ 6.50.

Fantastic deal

has anyone seen any in north shields or kingston park branches please

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Sorry it's a bit late barcode is 5080361773


Hot deal

Hot !!!!!

Baby walker with Vtec oO

845 heat and only the OP has found one. Brilliant.

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No someone has found one in Cimbernauld too

I found in Cambridge Bar Hill Store (last Thursday) , got two for my nieces who will be 9 months at Christmas, bargain price. These were down the seasonal aisle and not with the main toys, price sticker just had £6.50 and not reduced to clear. I didn't post as assumed it was the normal Tesco Goose Hunt and store specific

Good value, heat added

Got 2 yesterday t

Thank u

How do I purchase this? When I go to deal it comes up at £25 . Sorry if it's obvious this is my first time

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It's in store only
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