VTech pink secret safe diary £10.49 @ argos

VTech pink secret safe diary £10.49 @ argos

Found 20th Nov 2013
This is the best I've seen for this diary! Hope it helps someone. Currently £18.97 on Amazon...RRP £24.99
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Thank you.
Thanks for posting, I have added the price and an image to your OP.
Thanks was just grappling with the image will get used to posting!
Reserved one, thanks
Thanks just reserved one will have a very happy girl Christmas , another ticked off santas list
hot :-)
Reserved was one of my daughters wants!
Cheers thats another present of my daughters list.
thanks heat added
just order a few to put on cupboards for birthday presents
Thank you. My wee girl has been asking for this for Christmas so it's been reseved for collection tomorrow
Reserved. Thank you
Gargh, paid £20 on Amazon last week. Great find OP, hot from me.

Gargh, paid £20 on Amazon last week. Great find OP, hot from me.

buy one and send it pack to amazon then!
thanks fab gift
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
I looked at this this morning but they are different models. I also purchased the 1 off Amazon for £18.97 & went to reserve 1 at Argos today but they are 2 totally different models.
Interesting, do you know the difference in the models? Thanks.
Oooo. Thanks for letting us know. Naughty Argos -they've used the same picture as Amazon too! Doubt there's much difference if there are two versions kicking around -I'll take the money and go with Argos...
stop press -amazon have price matched!
...the only thing to add is of course at Argos you can use vouchers including the toy exchange.
..just collected looks the same as the one on amazon -took some old toys and got £5 off £35 so now have the the Leapster (pink) gs, vtech secret diary and three Moshi blind bags for £30. Very pleased!
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