VTech Secret Safe Diary £12.71 Prime / £17.46 Non Prime @ Amazon

VTech Secret Safe Diary £12.71 Prime / £17.46 Non Prime @ Amazon

Found 28th Oct 2017
Product Description
The Secret Safe Diary features a voice-activated locking system.
Keep all your secrets locked away
The Secret Safe Diary has a voice-activated locking system that will only open to your voice-activated password. Write a secret diary and lock it away from prying eyes, store details about your friends, play games, and take care of a virtual pet. Unlock the cover and give your pet a name using your voice. You can also connect an MP3 player and listen to your favourite music. The Secret Safe Diary features 20 exciting activities that cover words, maths, logic, games, music, and more, as well as a real digital clock to help you keep track of the time and enhance your time-telling skills.

Secret compartment
The Secret Safe Diary has a secret compartment in which to store your personal items or notes written on the included memo pad. The only access to the hidden compartment is by pressing the button after opening the Secret Safe Diary with your voice-activated password.
Included on the Secret Safe Diary are 20 activities, including a virtual pet and 12 learning games.
Lots of fun activities
You can create your own profile with a personalised icon, and store your friends’ information and your secret diaries. With 20 activities over 5 categories included with the Secret Safe Diary, there is plenty to keep you entertained. These include playing with and looking after a virtual pet, and 12 great learning games that cover words, maths, sequence, and logic. The Secret Safe Diary will help you with typing skills, creative play, logic, vocabulary, and maths.

MP3 connectivity
The Secret Safe Diary transforms into a speaker system in one simple step – just connect your favourite MP3 player to the diary with the included MP3 connector to listen to your favourite songs. You can even play great music activities as well.

Automatic shut off
To preserve the battery life, the Secret Safe Diary will automatically switch to clock mode (standby mode) after several minutes without input.
Box Contains
1 x Secret Safe Diary
1 x Memo pad
1 x MP3 connector
1 x User manual
3 x AA “TRY ME” batteries required

NOTE: The “TRY ME” batteries are just to check the product, they may be dead while in storage. If item is not working try new, genuine, good quality batteries.
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Of all the things for VTech to make they go with a secret diary...

That was 2 years ago and have since sorted that problem.
I think vtech is great. My daughter used her innotab at the time and now just bought the max for my son. No concerns from me.
Edited by: "cherylpeattie" 28th Oct 2017
Comes up at 24 for me
£24.90 now
Ahh missed it .
Oh gutted I missed this
So people want to spend £12.71 to encourage their kids to keep secrets from them?
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