Vtech Smile only £24.96 or less at Tesco Direct - Are they any Good?
Vtech Smile only £24.96 or less  at Tesco Direct - Are they any Good?

Vtech Smile only £24.96 or less at Tesco Direct - Are they any Good?

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Description: Award winning TV hook-up pre-school console turns gaming into an adventure. Batteries included. Age range 3yrs+.

Get an extra £5 off using Discount code: TDX-CT32K7 and get free delivery by adding a Tesco sim card.

Not sure if to buy one of these, just wondered what they are like and will my little 3 year old use it?


We have one and my lot love it - its great for my 5 year olds as they leave their older brothers ps2 alone! We got it when they were 4 and they could use it no probs then. Its not v sophisticated -but thats why its easy for little ones to use. I would recommend getting the mains adapter for it though as it eats batteries! :-D

my little one has one to and he was 2, he could use the winnie the pooh game but found the others were a bit harder but as he has got older he can work the other games, a good bargain defo worth a purchase, this is the older model, as i have noticed they have brought out a new version with a microphone and a drawing pad (so it looks like) on the joy stick, but i would reccommend it

Buy it! this is an excellent children's console. Shop around for the games though as they can vary in price considerably. Cheapest I've found is Ebay where games can be found for as little as £5 new and the Vtech site often have deals on too. Also Toys R Us have them for £10 at the moment, Asda sometimes have the odd title on their clearance shelf.


Thanks savingmum, good console for the kiddies, most of the games all have a learning theme too ( whilst being fun) so this is great!

For anyone going for this Vsmile website currenly has 2 games bundles for £14.99 each:

[CENTER]>> ][COLOR=blue]Girls V.Smile software bundle[/COLOR] - £14.99 delivered[/CENTER]

[LEFT]Have fun dancing with Barney, go on an adventure with Little Red Riding Hood and help Grandpa fix the machines at Alphabet Park![/LEFT]


[CENTER]>> ][COLOR=blue]Boys V.Smile software bundle[/COLOR] - £14.99 delivered[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Become Gotham City’s next superhero as you help Batman to solve the clues along his journey, have fun with Shrek and Donkey or go on a driving frenzy with Whiz Kid Wheels![/CENTER]


What a great find!

Just wondering - is it much better to buy the 'newer' version with the better joystick?

Please can someone who has this one tell me if its good?

In Boots Clearance the newer version is £32 so i don't know if its worth paying the extra £7 for it.

Def worth a buy!

This is now the OLD model and should expect bargains in the next few months
(New year prices may be very low)
Although there is a couple of new bundles so its not dead yet

Can recommend Dora, Thomas, Lion King as good games for 3-4 year olds

Dont pay over £10 for games, look out for the Bogofs and half price offers at Woolies / Argos / Entertainer /TRU etc

When you say 'OLD model' do you mean that it hasn't got the microphone and newer joypad or is there a newer version than that? Thanks



When you say 'OLD model' do you mean that it hasn't got the microphone … When you say 'OLD model' do you mean that it hasn't got the microphone and newer joypad or is there a newer version than that? Thanks

Yeah they mean the one that it hasn't got the microphone and newer joypad

Thanks Millarcat. So does anyone know if I buy this model can I just buy the newer joypad from VTech and the drawing feature will work? I am not bothered about the microphone.

You should definately buy one..They are absolutely fantastic..My youngest just turned 3 last month and he loves his Vsmile..He has 8 games now in a mixture of Spanish and english , and can even deal with the middle range (4-7 year old). We also bought him the art studio which he loves as well...Buy the adaptor for it though as it will save you loads in batteries ;-)

I had mine brought over from the UK as the consoles cost 80€ here..The games here however are cheaper for some strange reason..:?

My daughter is 6 and has one. She got it when she was 3 and absolutely loves it. Im planning on passing it down to my 2 other daughters as we have so many games for it and they will love it too when they are older. I would however get the newer model if its only £7 dearer

post link for the newer one in boots anyone??


i can only seem to find it for £49.99 in boots

Sorry, this is the Boots one I posted, not available online though

They had the Winnie the Pooh one which is the older version and the Dora pink one which is the newer version for £32

YAY!!!!!!!!! £5 off code for Tesco Direct is working TDX-CT32K7

With that and buying a sim card to get free delivery, which i will return when i go shopping I have just got it for £19.96 :thumbsup:


Excellent, thanks mrszerrouk:) I'll add that extra info to the OP:)

I see you can purchase a 2nd controller. Does anyone know if many of the games support 2 players? or are most of them only single player?
(if anyone knows which 3-5 year old games support 2 contollers, please let me know :thumbsup: )


my daughter has this, and she loves it, she also has the pocket one as well and all games are compatiable.

some games are 1 player but the ones she has are mainly 2 as my older lot teach her what to do.

i have found it quite educational.

so go for it!
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