VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop - Amazon - £21.94

VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop - Amazon - £21.94

Found 10th Jan 2009
also posted by millarcat 3 months ago - £3 cheaper now

VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop

Learn and have fun as you join WALL-E and EVE on their adventures across the galaxy. The WALL-E Learning Laptop from VTech is based on the Disney Pixar film character and features a flip-down QWERTY keyboard, interactive hand controllers that turn 360 degrees to answer selected questions, plus WALL-Es winking eye that encourages interaction.

The WALL-E Learning Laptop from VTech teaches letters, words, numbers, logic, basic maths and more, with 15 games in 5 modes of play. There are 3 learning levels, from easy to difficult, to keep young minds stimulated. The games and puzzles improve memory and logical thinking, introduce letters and words to build language skills, and strengthens vocabulary by teaching object/word association. The QWERTY keyboard also helps develop computer skills.


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These were on sale in Sainsburys for £17.49 b4 Xmas, dunno if it's the best price now.

I am voting hot though because this is one of the only toys that my son (who is 4) keeps going back to, so would definitely advise buying

£14.98 tesco direct

final chance to buy clearance so must only have a few left.

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£14.98 tesco direct

none in stock -and none on order (checked it out):thumbsup:

hot from me my kids love wall.e


none in stock -and none on order (checked it out):thumbsup:

Oh - it shows in stock for me - sorry
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