VTX3D RADEON HD 6950 1GB £167.38 DELIVERED @ Amazon
VTX3D RADEON HD 6950 1GB £167.38 DELIVERED @ Amazon

VTX3D RADEON HD 6950 1GB £167.38 DELIVERED @ Amazon

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Best price around for this card at the moment and excellent value if you are looking for a top of the line card without paying the crazy prices of the absolute best ones.


Spotted this a while back, good price, but I've decided to wait until the 7 series comes out in the summer.

The 7xxx cards are not out until the fall, and even then no specifics about the launch date have been announced.
You're going to be waiting a while.

guru3d.com/art…/21 - 5870 outperforming 6950

guru3d.com/art…/16 - 6870 outperforming 5870

I guess its all down to what you want to look at, to be honest there isnt enough difference in the performance on the 6870 and the 5870, especially when you compare the difference in power requirements and on a lesser scale heat. With regard to the 6950, the one you have posted is the 1GB version, which granted doesnt actually suffer that badly for it, however it does suffer at the higher resolutions and for eyefinity.

I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place now, I have the 2 x 6870's I bought them mainly for AMD HD3D for my Projector, however AMD 3DHD doesnt support crossfire it seems :-\ So as I didnt know that before I bought them I am thinking about returning them and just waiting until the 7 series comes out later in the year. Due to the fact that on some things they are slightly slower than the standalone 5870, but on others they are a bit quicker, especially where tesselation is involved, hmm, what to do ? I could probably get about £200 back for my cards that i have at the moment. So this would be next to a free sidegrade and give me newer cards. Not sure really now.
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