Vue Cinemas £1 Kids Offer (School Holiday Dates)
Vue Cinemas £1 Kids Offer (School Holiday Dates)

Vue Cinemas £1 Kids Offer (School Holiday Dates)

You need to click on the link to see which films ar ein offer on which date near you (hope that makes sense !)


What is evil villain Megamind to do when he finally conquers his nemesis? Invent a new nemesis! But what about when that nemesis turns bad? Will Megamind be tricked into saving the world?

Now booking on the following dates: 6th April, 7th April & 10th April
(eg. checked and on at £1 at 103.30 at 6th & 7th April at the Lowry)


Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2D

Manfred, Sid and Diego return for another adventure in "Ice Age 3".

Now booking on the following dates: 6th April & 7th April

and ..........

Gulliver's Travels or 3D

An office worker wangles a travel assignment at the centre of the Bermuda Triangle. When his boat gets wrecked he wakes up hostage in a world of very little people!

Now booking on the following dates: 8th April, 9th April, 10th April, 11th April, 12th April, 13th April & 14th April

and ......

Tangled or Tangled 3D

A bandit hides out in a high tower not realizing that it is the prison where Rapunzel is kept. How can he introduce her to an outside world she's never visited?

Now booking on the following dates:15th April, 16th April, 17th April, 18th April, 19th April, 20th April & 21st April

and ..........

Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo face the biggest challenge of their careers as Jellystone Park is set to be sold off and they are to be turfed out on their ears. Can they work with Ranger Smith to save it?

Now booking on the following dates: 16th April, 17th April, 22nd April, 23rd April, 24th April & 25th April


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As LM mentioned - films do sometimes vary in area to area. If you book online you will have to pay a booking fee for the tickets so if you live near its best to go to the booking office and pick them up there.....

Cineworks are doing Despicable Me and Animals United, Odeon is Narnia Dawntreader - check though because not all cinemas take part in the offer.

Narnia 3 is excellent, as as Despicable Me. Megamind and Gullivers Travels are good too. Animals United - PANTS...AVOID IT...NOT WORTH £1.
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