Vue Kids Club - £1.50 kids + free adult

Vue Kids Club - £1.50 kids + free adult

Found 6th Jun 2007
Screening selected films on saturday and sunday mornings. £1.50 a ticket for kids. One free adult with every child. extra adults £1.50
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Cant beat it? cheap tickets, half empty cimema, I must sound like a tight **** but I take my son most weekends.
Thanks r_casablanca, thats a really great offer, a great saving, especially if you've a couple of kids
Thanks for this. Something to do with the kids when the weathers bad.

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lovely. My kids will love this.
Cineworld cinemas do a similar deal "Movies for Juniors" - £1 per child and free entry for adults (with a child!!).
Movies are normally a few months old but as I don't normally take mine to full price screenings they are none the wiser
Vue used to have 50p screenings but then did away with them. Good to see they have reviewed their policy.

Good spot and thanks!
For info, the deal at Cineworld is only on Saturday mornings whereby the Vue one is Saturday & Sunday.
I wonder if this includes London West End (my "local")
Can anyone lend me their kid?
How old are the kids there - mine oldest is three and a half
Does anyone know what age a 'kid' is classed as for this?

I looked on the website but couldn't find the details.
Thanks r_casablanca.
The Odeon Kids Club works in a similar way and costs £2.50 per child, with one adult free per child and extra adults £2.50. Check with your local cinema for details.
I've used these Saturday morning 'specials' many times over the years for my 3 children, and my nieces and nephews. Heat and rep left. :thumbsup:
I started taking mine when they could sit still for long enough! :lol:
I went on Tuesday it was £4 and I got a voucher for £1.50 off next Tuesday!
This a great deal! They used to run this offer at Warner Bros when I was a child, I'm 24 now. I thought my mum was the best thing since sliced bread when she used to take me and my siblings on a saturday, happy memories.:-D Voted hot!
I have been using this for a long time now with my 2 kids who are 4 and 12..Always check with the cinema that it is on as sometimes It isn't on..It's great though as it only costs £3 for all 3 of us...
geat deal,voted hot
my little one has been going on about meet the robinsons for weeks: on this weekend, £1.50 for both of us!!
this deal has been on for ages!
Odeon do a kids screening - Sat/Sun at 11.00am. Its 2.50 per child (under 15) and a free adult per child ticket. Also runs every day throughout the school holidays (not hols)
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