VW Camper mugs - 99p in Home Bargains

VW Camper mugs - 99p in Home Bargains

Found 4th Jun 2015
Saw these, thought they were decent quality and cheap and that people might want them!


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got one today they are really nice

cheers they look great

Thanks, will look tomorrow.

Picked some of these bad boys up yesterday heat added

I've just watched last weeks For the Love of Cars, they did a Vw Van on there looker stunning. Bit off subject of these 99p mugs but thought I'd let you know

I'm just glad I was here. sob.....:-(

They had there in just after Christmas. From memory they are bone china. They are just slightly smaller than a normal mug and are of excellent quality. Well worth 99p. Heated.

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They are normal sized mugs and do look like bone china. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Got a few myself last time round, may grab some more.

Keep your eye out for the tea towels, trays and set of 3 canisters too ;-)
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Got one the other day. They are good quality and would be a lovely present.

Got one each colour, need a nice modern mug tree now:)

they also have the tea towels for 99p

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I didn't see the other things...will have a look next time I am there.

Have any been found at Bristol please


they also have the tea towels for 99p

dont bother with the tea towels,mine faded after 2 washes and ended up being used for rags

Great mugs, bought some
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