Waboba Ball Extreme X2 (Twin Pack) only £5.00 + Free Delivery @ Play
Waboba Ball Extreme X2 (Twin Pack) only £5.00 + Free Delivery @ Play

Waboba Ball Extreme X2 (Twin Pack) only £5.00 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Cracking bargain as these Waboba Balls sell for £4.99 for just one elsewhere

Do you like sports, sun and water? Would you like a new, fun and challenging experience along the coasts this summer? If so the Waboba Ball and the Waboba Beachgame is perfect. The ball that bounces on water guarantees a lot of fun - and the Beachgame adds a real physical challenge. Together they give you and your friends a new way to make beachlife and beachsport enjoyable and exciting. Waboba is the new beachball that has been predicted a great future along the beaches of the world.

The easiest way to have fun with a Waboba Ball is to simply throw it so that it bounces on the water between you. Try different angles, catching it with one hand and bouncing it on waves. When practicing you will soon find out that throwing and catching is teamwork that requires some skill.

The idea of the Beachgame is to pass between the team members, three in each team, without losing the ball to the opposing team. When all the team members have caught the ball at least once, without interruption and with at least one bounce on water in each pass, the team gets one point. The opposing team must try to intercept passes, win possession and try to make a point. First team to three points wins! No holding at the back!

The Waboba Ball is made of polyurethane and has a lycra coating
The mix of different polyurethanes makes the ball bounce and float on water
The ball is made to endure some rough handling, but do not bounce it on the ground or on walls etc
The ball is CE marked
It is not recommended for use by children under 3 years
Waboba is a registered trade mark and the ball/use of the ball is internationally patented


Cheers, ordered. Nice stocking filler. And I remembered Quidco for once...

wouldnt you just use a tennis ball?

Been this price for consistently on Play. But they are so awesome in the summer in the sea.

A tennis ball? A tennis ball won't skim across the surface of water and bounce off waves like a mad thing, sending the person trying to catch it diving over and under. Great fun!
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