Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablet - £34.99 @ Aldi

Wacom Bamboo Graphic Tablet - £34.99 @ Aldi

Found 9th Dec 2009
Active area: 147.6 x 92.5mm
USB interface
Weight: 370g


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Previous deal hotukdeals.com/ite…ldi now reduced by £5 on shelf label so should be this price where stock remains.

OMG these are amazing,

i was reading a review today on this, at a price of £74.99,

at this price this is very Hot!!

nice price, i guess they are clearing stock after being replaced by the second generation ones.

what version of Bamboo are they ?

Think I found out - if i`m right its not a current model

This is a very hot deal for those with a store near them


Looking at the other post and the pic on this one I assume it's the one in this review:


And the reviews at Amazon we're good as well...


I've got an old Tevion A4 sized one (Tevion MD 41217). It's this one, sorry I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere but ebay! tiny.cc/fsul0
On the writing/drawing area of mine there is a clear cellophane type cover that can be lifted up and a picture or whatever can be placed underneath it in order for you to draw/traced over. Does this one have that feature? Not sure it would be worth me getting one but the smaller size and the 'zoom/scroll wheel' would be excellent.

dont waste your money its crap, my mate took his back....


dont waste your money its crap, my mate took his back....

Was that directed at me bp? Any idea what he didn't like about it mate?

i was looking to get one of these but have no idea which are the decent ones to go for

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Wacom ones are supposed to be the better brand of these. Trust and Tevion ones are probably the not so good ones.

It is the one that Blasphemous links to at amazon.co.uk/Wac…top

Might be worth a look on Youtube for some more info...

Wacom's page on there is a good placeto start. ]LINK

They're back up to £39.99 at the Bradford store. Still a decent price so I got one anyway. Thanks. :santa:

Hi looked at this web page before deciding to buy one. Dashed out as only two in the shop. Prepared to pay the price i was previously quoted in the shop. £40;97 approx 1 1/2 hours ago, only to find they charged me £27:99. so better yet. This was Scunthorpe branch so get your a--e in gear if you want one. P/S worth joining the site for this deal alone. Sorry, we are talking Aldi here.

I was really looking foward to getting one of these !
But I went to Banbury Aldi and they didn't have one I was shocked that they ran out of stock,
Anyway, I would like to warn people of this.

Btw ! This is apparently an awesome tablet
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