Wacom Intuos3 A5 USB £170 delivered

Wacom Intuos3 A5 USB £170 delivered

Found 16th Aug 2007
Firstly i posted a thread to find out if public can buy and got no responce. So i went ahead and bought one.

Firstly for the bargin hunters who do not know what this is and have no use dont start voting cold. It is a great deal for someone like myself who needs a professional tablet.

The average price for it is usally around £230+ even ebay prices are £210+

so £170 delivered is a great price.

The stock is updated all the time, yesturday 4 in stock, today none then few hours 2 popped up so i bought and currently advertising one instock.


Nice find.:thumbsup:

voted hot, coz i wd want one too, except ideally the one that is the screen tablet itself! but cant afford ... sigh. enjoy!:thumbsup:

Can the publi actually buy from this website? I put an order and it has been cancelled... :oops: I guess the following shop from here would be amazon for 200...
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