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Posted 2 September 2023

WAGNER 2369472 Fence & Decking paint sprayer 1400 ml

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A great deal on this Wagner paint sprayer. I used this to paint about 50m of fence this year and am really happy with it. Using Cuprinol Ducks Back at a ratio of 80% to 20% water allowed me to get it done in two coats.

What I also really liked is that Craig from Big Brother does the videos for Wagner and they are some of the best DIY videos for beginners.

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Perfect for fences, sheds, decking or garden furniture
Compared to applying fence treatment with a brush or pump sprayer, the WAGNER Fence & Decking Sprayer is the quickest, easiest way to coat fences, sheds, decking or garden furniture. With this sprayer you can spray a fence panel in under 2 minutes.

For solvent and water-based materials, fence paint, oil, stain, varnish, wood preservatives and treatment
Extra-fine atomisation for uniform coverage with a single coat
3-way adjustable paint jet can be adapted perfectly to the object to be painted

Whatever type of fences you have from traditional fences, featheredge boards, tongue & groove or picket fencing you can paint them fast.

A protective coating helps to maintain the natural wood, keep it looking good and help make it last for longer.

The fine spray jet reaches every edge and corner, providing all-round protection. Perfect for grooves in decking, fencing or trellis.

Whatever type of garden furniture you have (metal, wood, wicker, rattan) you can transform it quickly and achieve a superior finish
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  1. Noneoftheabove's avatar
    This is excellent for spraying water based decking oil. It takes me 30mins for a job that used to take hours.
    ministrymason's avatar
    Which decking oil did you use. I want to spray my decking
  2. SebK's avatar
    Great machine, but if there are holes in the fence you will spray your neighbours garden.
    Paul_f1's avatar
    50910129-Y1bIT.jpgMake sure no one is peeping as you do it
  3. Steve-O.2008's avatar
    Didn't the leader of this brand get assassinated by Putin?
    barneyb's avatar
    Like the other Wagner, every couple of minutes it'll be crying out for more supplies
  4. davek's avatar
    I had one - ridiculously noisy and had to stop every 2 minutes to fill the tank
    Took it back
  5. c6128504's avatar
    My experience...

    This machine:
    - Faster than brush
    - Very noisy machine. Your neighbours will know
    - Extremely short power cable
    - Lots of overspray
    - Wear mask and eye protection

    - Cordless
    - Therapeutic
    - Silent
    - Unlikely to cause you to breath paint or get paint in the eyes (edited)
    C0mbat's avatar
    I agree with you to an extent. But I didn't get over spray. You have to get used to how far you spray from the fence. Plus I never got any incline that I would need a mask. There was no mist that came back from the fence. Maybe it was the paint that you used? The Cuprinol Ducks Back was amazing with it.
  6. umirza85's avatar
    The overspray on this will have you neighbours calling 999 like they just got caught in a gangland crossfire
  7. beaversrus's avatar
    Mine is going back as the air hoses keep blowing off, there was no mask included as advertised on the box and also missing part to hold the 2 sections together. It was sealed but looked a little odd upon opening.
    john733's avatar
    Would you recommend it then?
  8. rhodyate's avatar
  9. coony's avatar
    Is this any good for solvent based preserver?
  10. lmukuk's avatar
    I have one I used it on 120ft of fencing did 3 coats both sides, looks mint.
  11. samkiani's avatar
    Recommend watching a couple of YouTube videos on how to best use this and how to clean to preserve its usefulness. If you have more than 5 panels I recommend this, it's a great bit of kit. Strongly advise to do several coats rather than in one pass.
  12. STU182's avatar
    Cheers purchased after watching review videos on YouTube
  13. majhaar's avatar
    Bought this month's ago, used it for you 1st time this week. Super fast but I probably should have worn a shirt as I was covered in overspray.
    Used it with cuprinol shades. I did find it went thru the cuprinol/water mix very very fast.
  14. Gary_Reddan's avatar
    £78 now
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