Wagner Transport Helper Hand Truck £7 @ homebase store only

Wagner Transport Helper Hand Truck £7 @ homebase store only

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A strong and durable transport helper, ideal for heavy jobs. This transport helper can move up to 400kg. The wheels, which are made in Germany, are strong and durable. They are also ball beared, which allows easy movement.

Got 2 from Merton and I can say they are very strong with heavy duty 100mm. castors
They sell at nearly £50 on ebay:

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Skateboard for the kids, have some heat?
At 22 stones that's my kind of skateboard
They have some great trolleys on offer as well for similar price. Good deals
I don't think I'd have anything like 400kg on a the wheeled trolley. Very unstable.
Might get one to use when painting skirting boards... just sit on and roll along to next section
Looks good
I got one of these the other day and I found a good place in the garage for it to gather dust.

Before the garage, I of course stood on it like a skateboard and try to push myself across the floor. As all the wheels rotate and are not fixed like a skateboard, it's a pretty dodgy ride. So I gave up on that idea pretty quick, as I'd rather not spend new years in hospital

But when it becomes an olympic sport one day, I hope I will be remembered as a pioneer of trolley truck skating
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