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Posted 3 May 2023

WAGNER Wood&Metal paint sprayer W 100 for varnishes and glazes interior & exterior, container 800 ml, 280 W £39.99 @ Amazon

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On offer again for £39.99, bought the dedicated fence sprayer version last month and was impressed with it

  • For all low-viscosity solvent-based and water-based materials, such as enamels and varnishes, protective wood-staining products, primers and oils
  • For small to medium-sized projects, such as fences, furniture and garage doors
  • Extra-fine atomisation for uniform coverage in a single coat
  • Separable gun for fast spray attachment changes and comfortable cleaning
  • Air jacket encloses spray jet for minimum masking work
  • The 3-way adjustable paint jet can be adapted perfectly to the object to be painted
  • Continuous regulation of material volume for precise painting
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  1. Lexeus's avatar
    Are these worth messing about with over a good paint brush to achieve a fine finish? I need to prime and paint 4 doors worth of new trim. I tried a sponge roller that made a mess and although it may not come out 100% perfect I think a brush and a couple of sanding sponges with a good dose of patience is my best bet at the moment (edited)
    MartinOgdenCorrigan's avatar
    You can get a good finish using the energer enb769srg 700w sprayer. It's 39.99 and if you're using water based paints, with a bit of practice it's easy to get a really good finish. I used on an MDF wardrobe for a customer (I'm a decorator by trade) and was really pleasently surprised by how well this did. There's a video from a professional sprayer using it on YouTube, give it a watch and see how it goes
  2. mfizz's avatar
    Can this be used for painting indoor walls and ceilings?
    colin7777's avatar
    You will forever be filling the container and the spray pattern is not wide enough so you will get stripes.
    You need an airless sprayer that has a separate paint reservoir or one that can drawn from the paint hub directly. Then I would only do it if you have multiple rooms to do in the same colour and can clear the room as dust goes everywhere. They are not cheap so could be better off with a roller
  3. colin7777's avatar
    You have to thin the paint, otherwise you get a spitting effect as the paint drys around the nozzle.
  4. Noneoftheabove's avatar
    These are really good for spraying water-based decking oil as it doesn't clog.
    Lexeus's avatar
    I imagine so, that is why I was asking about painting interior wood because if you need to cover a large area like a wooden panel fence then the speed is the benefit. As already suggested, to get the benefit of a fine mist I guess you really need to spend more on something like a separate compressor system to deal with thicker paint (edited)
  5. C0mbat's avatar
    This one looks much better for larger areas. Honeylist shows that it's been £55 a couple of times recently:

  6. J1989Ex's avatar
    I have one. Did about 20 fence panels. Probably slightly quicker than a brush, but don't expect lengthly spells of spraying, due to refilling the reservoir quite often with paint, and cleaning the nozzle. (edited)
    A_H2020's avatar
    Don't expect or expect??
  7. RedSnail's avatar
    Spray painted my kitchen with this the finish is as good as the original. Easy to use just need to keep an eye on keeping the nozzle clean to prevent splatter.
    rob.driscoll's avatar
    Looking to do the same. How much did ya have to dilute the paint? Thanks
  8. 1884's avatar
    These are actually pretty good for fencing etc
  9. emptypocketz's avatar
    I like the idea of these but if you are thinning the paint is that not good for the overall quality of the paint job?

    Its surely going to fade quicker after rain and weather. I guess you could do multiple coats.

    I just stuck to boring paint brush and did 10 coats on my fences, I might give it a top up after few years again.
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