Wagyu Ribeye steak £24 per kilo @ Asda

Wagyu Ribeye steak £24 per kilo @ Asda

Found 5th Jul 2014
Very surprised to see this in Asda, and at £24 per kilo it's cheaper than the aldi deal & a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Normally Wagyu ribeye goes for up to £100 per kilo


Sincw when did a supermarket start selling Wagyu Beef?! =0

I wouldn't trust it from asda,such a poor supermarket .

Asda have sold it in select stores for 3 years now.. Used to be £30 a kilo, so I guess it;s not selling all that well?

It's not real Wagyu. It's one wagyu bull crossed with some non wagyu cows. Surprised they're still gettingn away with it.


Doesn't seem a good deal to … Doesn't seem a good deal to me:http://www.slow-life.co.uk/asdas-make-believe-wagyu-beef/

Shoot! You have totally put me off! I was going to take myself to Asda tomorrow. Shucks Pub Wins. x

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independent.co.uk/lif…tml. Critics seem to like it. It's not the genuine beer fed buttock massaged beef, but at the same price as Aberdeen Angus...

ASDA do Wagyu burgers too

Which Asda? I know for sure that Watford Asda do not stock Wagyu.

Boldon Colliery Asda do this beef, got some cheap once as wife works there, cant say the beef was anything special

I tried a few Asdas around Bristol at Christmas when I heard about them stocking Wagyu. None of them had a clue about it. To be honest, reading the comments, I'm glad I didn't find it now!!

Watford Asda informed me that it was to expensive and nobody was buying and therefore they are not stocking it.
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