Wahl 100 Series Mains Hair Clipper Set £7.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Wahl 100 Series Mains Hair Clipper Set £7.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 9th Jun 2011
I know these have been cheaper but still cracking value!!

Mains operated adjustable multi-cut clipper - accessories include 4 attachment combs #1-4, Scissors, Barber Comb, Clipper Oil, Cleaning Brush & Instructions - Standard blade cutting length 0.8mm - 2.5mm
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Not the greatest reviews - strange as it's a Wahl
I thought the reviews where mixed but good, For that price I will be happy i am sure if i paid 24.99 and they where crap then my review would be diffrent.
Good for the price
A Cut Above The Rest !!!!
A snip at this price,cheers op

~1 pound difference. It comes with storage bag. It works with 4x AA batteries (the ones that are coming with it are not rechargeable)
good price voted hot
More than 30% of reviews give a single star. Not the greatest of confidence before taking a plunge. Not voting either way.
The consumer grade Wahl's are very poor IMHO, I bought some and they tried to pull my hair out rather than cut it. I got some Babylis for a similar price that still work fine.

The pro grade Wahl's are a totally different kettle o fish
I paid £25 for professional ones 10 years ago an there still going strong
I bought some rechargeable clippers and would never buy blug in ones again.
So much easier to use.
Out in the garden for 5 mins and the job is done and the birds have free nesting material lol.
I bought a mains op Wahl set in 2003 they have been used to cut my hair, trim the beard and of course when we had one gave the dog a summer trim all of that and STILL going strong on the original blades - must get a cordless set though much easier to use but will never buy anything other than Wahl.

BTW the one I have was £18 from Argos
Thanks OP. Ordered
Also got free trial Amazon prime, so dispatching soon.
Then I need to buy one for my husband will do the trick. Great thread:3
what do the reviews matter ?

at this price if it only worked twice probably cheaper than visiting the barber

heat here
I bought a pair of Wahls for £20 about 12 years ago and they are still solid as ****. Whereas my bro has gone through 3 pairs of these cheap ones. The pair I have are Made in USA!
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I bet they can't shave any more off this price

Mine arrived already. Used to get a number 2 haircut and no problems so far.
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