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Wahl Ear and Nose Trimmer - £1.99 Instore @ Home Bargains (National)

£1.99£4.9960% off
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Battery powered £1.99 bargain.

Takes one AA battery, trims well.

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    Last two Cheap Nose Trimmers I've had they've died after a few usages for no reason, just tried after been in a draw for a few months doesn't work anymore (put in new batteries)
    My £1 Poundland one appears to die. However, if I put in fresh batteries and tap it upside down while having it powered on some caught bristles will fall out and the motor will kick in after a few attempts.
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    Perfect xmas present for the missus. (edited)
    Or mother-in-law
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    This isn't actually a deal. This product was never £4.99, this product has always been £1.99 nationwide since 2016
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    Depressing when you get to the age when you get excited about buying one of these
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    You get to a certain age and you'll defo want one of these !
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    Hello. My friend tells me that he has tried many different brands of these and they have all been pathetically underpowered. Is this one any better? he wants to know. I don’t know why he isn’t on here asking for himself to be honest but I am prepared to pass any message on.
    Pretty sure uses AA batteries so will be underpowered.
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    Get to a certain age and only a flamethrower will do.
    Still these cheap ones have a place in personal grooming.
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    I have this, it's not the best to be fair
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    Good price. Although if I'm sticking a high-speed razor in any of my orifices, I think I'd want to spend more than £1.99
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    Not to be sniffed at I heard
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    In general (not necessarily this one) but as power dips on these (either needs new batteries or recharged) do you run the risk of them pulling the hairs out of your nose?
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    I had one of these worse than a puppy dog for nipping. Bought a Philips eventually far safer but motor sounds like it's climbing everest against the wind. But still going after several years use.
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    In a word rubbish
    What’s a word rubbish?
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    Essential tool. I’d be practically crippled without mine
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    I had one of these. Save your money
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    will last 2 years if you are lucky, one on Amazon for £7 much more durable
    Perfect for travel
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    I've personally found these very poor quality & low price for a reason. Stopped working after a few uses returned to store & received a replacement for the same thing to happen.
    If purchasing remember to keep your receipt to return!
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    Really bad quality, binning mine
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    Peeps my friend is getting a little tickle of the left nostril during the day, gentle probing with his pinky finger indicates an errant nose hair.

    He is getting kind of concerned one of these devices is required, in his late 30's any kind words of encouragement to pass onto him? Ta muchly.
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    Ear trimmer, just what I need for my big ears 👂