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Posted 18 November 2022

Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike Trainer (v1) - £2,199 Delivered @ Tredz

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Definitely one that's going to die a frozen death, but it may be of interest to... well, maybe 1-2 people at most.
The new KICKR Smart Bike v2 is out (brings WiFi connectivity, Direct Connect port, ERG Easy Ramp and odometer), which means the original (this one) is now heavily discounted.

Yes, it's a heck of a lot for a bike trainer.
Yes, you can get a second hand bike off eBay and a "standard" cycle trainer for a lot less.
Yes, you can buy two or more cars for the same amount.
No, it will not make you more attractive to (most) ladies. Or just.. Other people of non specific gender.
No, it won't work in your PS5.
But if you actually specifically want one of these, it's a darn good price for an all-in, good looking, "funky" featured whole-bike indoor trainer.

Also the same price at Sigma Sports:
Hargroves Cycles had it for £2,100, but is now OOS:

The naughty part, pretend I didn't say this on here : if you're a member, you can get another 10% cashback with CompleteSavings from both Tredz or Sigma.
Tredz More details at Tredz
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  1. Avatar
    How does it compare on ride quality and Zwift use against the Wattbike Atom ?
    I've no idea since I haven't tried either of those yet, but here are some videos that should help:

    (there are more parts to the one above from Shane Miller)
  2. Avatar
    Bargain, just bought 5. Heat added.
  3. Avatar
    Ride on
  4. Avatar
    Looks like I can hang a few items of washing on it so heat
  5. Avatar
    Love mine. And use it daily so we’ll worth the investment for me anyway
  6. Avatar
    Heat from me . Excellent price to those who know what it is 🏻
    Never seen one like this before, looks like it should be shuttling storm troopers around the forest moon of Endor. What makes it worth that much?
  7. Avatar
    If you can afford it and enjoy zwift and the likes this is the ultimate for indoor workouts.
    The amount of adjustment is ridiculous!
    Obviously at this price although still not cheap it is a bargain.
    Why is it a bargain? Genuinely interested
  8. Avatar
    Does it qualify for the ride to work scheme ?
    Unfortunately not, that was the first thing I checked... I believe they used to some years ago (I may be wrong), but they wisened up sadly. It's still effectively a similar discount from RRP though, if that's any comfort, and there's up to 24 month interest-free finance.
  9. Avatar
    Heat for the impassioned description!
  10. Avatar
    This is what it is and that's ok but I could never figure out what you were getting for your money with peloton bikes.
    It's the experience - you're basically paying for the videos and trendy trainers and live (I think? Don't know..) classes and all that stuff. The Peloton bike won't really work with Zwift, it's part of its own Peloton ecosystem.
  11. Avatar
    Looks the business
  12. Avatar
    garbage -ve
    Why? Wahoo kit is decent and this is a great trg tool if you can afford it.
  13. Avatar
    Hmmm disturbance in the force i feel. Heat there must be of the words descriptive oh cycle one!
  14. Avatar
    I had to tilt my head 3-4 times to figure out what this was, what a design.
    Lifted from the days of medieval torture chambers.
  15. Avatar
    this is a "one day" purchase for me
  16. Avatar
    Wish I had spear room for it. Good price 🔥
    That'd be an odd location for it
  17. Avatar
    I have the atom 2. This looks more breakable.
  18. Avatar
    Had this for a couple of days now. So far, great!