Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer £24.98 Delivered

Wahoo RFLKT Bike Computer £24.98 Delivered

Found 22nd Nov 2016
Wahoo have started Black Friday early today and I thought this RFLKT Bike Computer was the pick of the bunch. Currently still on sale at Amazon for £59.99 and £71.99 at Wiggle but I guess could come down later in the week.

They also are offering the Tickr Run HR Monitor for £49.99 rather than £64.99.

Note postage is a steep £8.99 unless you spend more than £55. You might want to also get an HR Strap or Speed and Cadence sensors to take it over the £55. I still got the RFLKT as it was still nearly half price and I've wanted one for a while, but you takes your choices.

Seems recent updates have much improved this device certainly for iphone users, but I'll see when it arrives.
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Customs fee??
Good questions on customs fee. Looking again, I don't think will attract customs fee "All products purchased from WahooFitness.com will be shipped from one of our global warehouses. We stock product in the United States, Netherlands, Australia." I assume UK will actually ship from Netherlands and not the US, so should be OK? I'll see what happens when my mine arrives.
Ordered, thanks OP
Wish it was free delivery as it takes it beyond "total bargain" moment. Would have taken a punt at £25 as I have a garmin 810 but these interest me.

Any free delivery codes knocking about?
So actually £33.97 delivered.
I think the Lezyne Mini GPS for £40 is a better deal, at least you can use it without relying on a phone.
£33.97 delivered unless you add something over £30. Still a good deal though. Getting one because my handlebar mounted iPhone dies in the cold this time of year plus the buttons will work better with my fav cycling gloves than a touch screen, I hope!
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