Waiting - £1.99 @ Play.com
Waiting - £1.99 @ Play.com

Waiting - £1.99 @ Play.com

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Always remember the first rule of eating out: Never mess with the people who handle your food. Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Justin Long star as the young employees of Shenanigan's Restaurant and collectively stave off boredom and adulthood with their antics.Whilst some comedies never quite cross the line, this one steps right over it as the band of mischievous waiters, waitresses and cooks shows the guests just how extraordinary the service at this restaurant can be.


Funnier than most of the comedy garbage to be released lately!.

Get it if you have not seen it.

Hot deal (and voted so) but poor film.

this is one of my favourite films at this price cant go wrong, I heard they're making a sequel Still waiting - no Ryan though! good find

Thought i'd give it a go... cheaper than a rental!!!


6.9 on imdb. will give it a go

thumbs up good film

Freaky as! I watched Just Friends last night and there was a trialer for this at the beginning...glad you posted this as it looks awesome, any film with Ryan Reynolds in is pretty descent.


EDIT: Heat and rep added

Worth it just for the ***** showing game - hilarious! :giggle:


Good film, some great one liners!

Awful film. I love Reynolds but I couldn't sit though this one. I paid £2.50 for it too!

I love this film. If you like Grandma's Boy, Just Friends, Employee Of The Month, Superbad type films then you'll love this!

Its a marmite film,i got the boxset from play.com with Waiting,Just Friends and Van Wilder on it for £5.99 and i wrote a review for it on there also,btw i liked Waiting,it has those cult moments where you know people would be playing that game with there friends at work,all who have seen it know what im talking about lol
Also Still Waiting came out already and its supposed to suck big time

Brilliant film at a *HOT* price. As someone said, it's cheaper than rental so if you're toying with the idea - Just get it!

The Brainn!

Next best is £3.71 at SelectCheaper.

No way!

I honestly just bought this yesterday there! Did a search on find-dvd.co.uk and everything for it. It was dispatched today so can't cancel. :x


This is like Clerks in a low-rent Restaurant, except less clever and more smutty - just like Clerks 2! Definitely worth a try at this price.

This is well worth a watch and at this price you can't really go wrong. The 'game' in this film is awesome however and I make a habit of hairy braining my housmate every so often. Hilarious.

hot from me. really enjoyed this film

ordered, trailer seemed funny.

damn out of stock and the price has gone up
still rated hot though

Good film, I like the older Ryan Reynolds did. Just Friends is another good un'
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