Waitrose, 2 pizzas for £6, some PYO @£2.10 each

Waitrose, 2 pizzas for £6, some PYO @£2.10 each

Found 4th Oct 2017Edited by:"waitingfordeals"
Waitrose hand stretched pizzas (£4.50) are 2 for £6 atm.
Some, Ham pineapple, Pepperoni, 4 Seasons, Mushroom bacon, Margarita and Caramelised onion are also on PYO. (Pick your own, on your My Waitrose card)

So £4.5 x 2 =£9
- 20% = £1.80
- multioffer £3
= £4.20

% 2 = £2.10 each

Every time I try these, I'm surprised how good they are. I do sometimes add more toppings, but if you prefer a more real proper pizza experience, they are pretty good.

Mix and match.

PYO explained: You need a My Waitrose card, then you go online (app is also available and more user friendly) and pick 10 items to get 20% off.
You can buy unlimited items at 20% off. (Buy 20 pizzas, no problem)
You do need to scan your My Waitrose card (or use it online) to get the discount and you DO need to get the exact item on your PYO to get the discount.
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nice pizzas, thanks for the heads up on the pyo
I've just been shopping there and picked up the dinner meal for £10 and missed this completely Heat added
@ysdevil - Thanks for this, will pick this up when out next, heat added
I think they work out at £2.10 each with PYO Offers, not £2.20...
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Donuts1231 h, 2 m ago

I think they work out at £2.10 each with PYO Offers, not £2.20...

You're absolutely correct, will edit.

Thanks.... that was a bit embarrassing
Edited by: "waitingfordeals" 4th Oct 2017
Decent quality pizzas.
Thanks - love the Four Seasons
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