Waitrose Chocolate Selection Box

Waitrose Chocolate Selection Box

LocalFound 31st Dec 2017
Think you'll have to be lucky (like I was) and just check your Waitrose Xmas isle.

Lots of great reductions incl. cards, decorations, biscuit selection boxes (450 odd grams for £1.50) and this deal which I thought was the best.

Original price was a fiver, now down to £1.25!

This was in the Stockbridge(Edinburgh) branch.
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I agree, it is down to luck. Being in the right place at the right time, and what different managers decide on pricing.
I got the same box of chocs at the same reduced price straight after Xmas..... and a nice long use by date.
The 2 stores I visited yesterday who were madly reducing Xmas stock to clear (between 75 and 90% reductions) now have those shelves stocked with towels, kitchen storage sets etc......
Which explains the rush to clear the Xmas stuff.

But managed to get some fab food stuff at bargain prices today.
Don't buy their yogurts, they are terrible.
Christmas yogurts?
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