Waitrose Curry Week, mango chutney, pappadums and naan bread 3 for £3

Waitrose Curry Week, mango chutney, pappadums and naan bread 3 for £3

Found 24th Oct 2014
Until November 4th you can buy three items for £3 from a selected range. I got Sharwoods Mango Chutney £1.95 each, Naan bread as £1.69 and ready to cook Pappadums at £2.19. No signage in my store so I checked online.
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I think Waitrose have SO many offers they sometimes omit the signage in store - and guess it could get quite complex with over 50 products in the combo deal...

To help others find relevant products
ie "Add 3 for £3 - Available for delivery or collection until 04/11/2014"

I notice it includes various TILDA products - and there is a 25p off a Tilda product in this weekend's in house Waitrose flier/leaflet - the newspapery thing they leave out at the entrance to the stores from Thu-Tue. (All 16 'Tilda steamed...' rices at £1.59 are IN the deal.)

At least re pre-cooked Poppadoms this reduces to Aldi type c£1/pack level. However Aldi/Lidl's Naan's at around 1/3rd of Waitrose prices, ie more like 55p than £1.70 work for me. It's the Sharwoods Mango Chutney - and Patak's Bringal Pickle - that got me interested...

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Super hot!
There all 84p at Morrison's
It amazes me that Waitrose could ever be classed as having a deal on.
The chicken fillets I bought to make the curry were on offer to, worked out about £8kg and nice chicken. I mix Waitrose with Lidls, works for me.
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What a deal
84p at Morrisons....what culinary delight that must be!
wheres the curry?

84p at Morrisons....what culinary delight that must be!

Yeah, must be better if it costs more. Most people I know who shop at Waitrose have that same attitude.
Nothing to do with it costing more. Morrisons is just awful all around.
As OP reported no signage in store, presumably as 50+ signs to put out, but pre-armed I picked up my "£5.54 worth" for £3 this morning, and helped a lady reach her Poppadoms and swapped her L'Grossman naans for Sharwood so she could exploit the offer too :3.
So while total Waitrose offer cost similar to Morrisons OFFER cost (half-price deals on there run out 2/11) I was at Waitrose instead of Morrisons miles away and it contributed to my total shop going over £10 for my £2.50 worth of myWaitrose newspaper credit.
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